Adelia The Fortune Wielder Slots

Adelia the Fortune Wielder is a modern-day slot game by Microgaming about a mystical sorceress with powers that can help you in your quest. This ancient themed slot game infuses magic and combat into a beautiful environment that’s a real pleasure to play in, and that’s why we decided to fully review the slot game to see what it has to offer. Read on to find out what we learned.

A Huge Top Payout

Even though bets are limited to just $20 per spin in this slot game, the maximum payout is still massive and makes the game worth trying out. Lucky players can walk away with as much as $50,000 on a single spin of the reels in Adelia the Fortune Wielder.

Stacked and Multiplier Wilds

In this slot game it’s really common to see wilds stacked up after a spin or two of the reels. The central reel, which is usually home to powerful multiplier wilds, is the most common location for the stacked wilds to be. The multiplier wilds will multiply your total prize earnings by a minimum of 2x and all the way up to 5x for some of the lucky players.

No matter what sort of wild you get in this slot game, they come along with a very powerful feature that often leads to chain wins. When you spin wild symbols that result in a prize payout, the wilds are locked into position and the rest of the reels spin around. If you win another prize the reels are locked again and you’ll spin again. This keeps happening until you no longer win a prize out on the reels, and can result in some pretty long chains if you are lucky enough while playing the slot game.

A Powerful Free Spin Round

In Adelia the Fortune Wielder there is a free spins round that can be unlocked by getting at least four Adelia scatter symbols. The more scatters you get, the more free spins you’ll be rewarded with. Four scatters is 10 spins, five is 20 and six is 30 free spins.

During the free spin round there is a special chest bonus that helps you unlock multipliers for the different symbols of the game. There is a blue chest, a green chest and a purple one. You want to find coins for each of these chests, and when you collect enough of those coins during the free spin rounds you’ll unlock a prize multiplier for the symbols the chest is connected with. It’s possible to get some very nice 3x to 5x multipliers on game symbols with the chests, helping you win higher paying prizes throughout the free rounds.

Mobile Fun

While some slots won’t display properly on mobile devices, or won’t work on them at all, that’s not the case with Adelia the Fortune Wielder. This action packed slot game works on most mobile devices and can be loaded on web browsers of full sized computers as well. It’s worth trying out on a mobile phone or tablet just to see how good quality games run on your device, and before long you might even see something about this slot game that you truly love.

There are plenty of reasons to like Adelia the Fortune Wielder. With all the good solid features in this slot game it’s hard not to find something that you like about it when giving it a try.