Bingo Slot 25 Lines Slots

As a frequent slot game player, you have probably encountered various online slot machine titles with a bingo theme. But playing games with such a theme has become even more excited over the years, because now you can also play one that actually carries the name Bingo Slot.

A few varieties of this game circulate around on the internet, and Bingo Slot 25 Lines Slots is one of those varieties. Play it on a Pragmatic Play powered casino platform so that you can spin and bingo yourself to serious profits with the help of various lucky numbers.

Game Play and the Design

Bingo Slot 25 Lines Slots is not a game that you play for its beautiful graphics or stunning animations. Instead, Pragmatic Play has kept the design and interface fairly simple with this slot machine. Therefore, you can undistractedly focus on your task of creating those winning combinations, while a smooth background tune puts you in a relaxed spinning mood that enhances the experience.

With that being said, the game is not completely without enjoyable design elements. All the bingo balls form a colorful and blinking whole when they are being spun, and equally colorful pay lines form connections between the bingo balls. It is a thrill to wait in anticipation which numbers will drop on the screen and which winning combinations will occur. If you want to see how much coins the available symbols grant you during a payout, or if you're interested to learn all the details of this game, then you can find more information in the game's payout section.

While playing this slot title, you will be able to make use of the standard game buttons. For example, the "autoplay" function puts your spins on autopilot, and the minus or plus buttons let you decide how much coins and lines will be active during a wager.

You can make bets with coin values that range from $0.01 to $5.00 and the number of active pay lines can range from 1 to 25. A maximum coin amount, combined with the maximum number of active pay lines, will place an ambitious bet of $125.00 on the table. If you constantly want to place this bet, then you can save yourself some time with the convenient "bet max button".

Lastly, you can hit the red "spin" button when you're completely satisfied about how the wager needs to be placed. All kinds of Bingo balls will then start to spin on the reels, and among them, you will find a few special ones. Those special icons are the wild attribute, the scatter icon, the special bonus bingo ball and the number 8.

Replace Unwanted Symbols With the Wild Attribute

The wild presents itself as a shiny, purple bingo ball with the name wild written on it. Use it as a replacement attribute when you want to complete a symbol win combination but lack one of the necessary icons. However, keep in mind that the purple wild bingo ball is not able to replace bonus or scatter logos.

Collect Free Spins With the Help of Scatter Icons

The scatter icon is also a bingo ball, only this one is bronze colored and it has the name scatter written all over it. This bingo ball is connect to a free spins perk that can give you as much as 50 complimentary spins. In order to activate the free spins feature, you have to hit three, four or five scatter balls on the slot reels.

Lower extra spins rewards are also being handed out when you simultaneously hit 4 scatters (20 free spins) or 3 (7 free spins). Free spin payouts will be multiplied by your active wager, and the gained credits will be mixed with those of the pay line win.

Claim Extra Points With the Special Bonus Bingo Ball

The last special bingo ball of the collection is a golden colored one that is connected to a bonus feature. You recognize it immediately as it has the word golden written on it. In order to claim bonus points with this ball, you need to let it appear on the screen in a minimum number of 3. When that happens, you become eligible to receive a maximum of 7680 special bonus points.

Other Profitable Symbols and Combinations in the Game

All of the remaining symbols are bingo balls that carry the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The lucky number is always 8, because that is the lucrative symbol that will shower you with 3000 credits when you place it on the slot reels a total of 5 times.

Contrary, the lowest paying attribute is the number 1, which only pays out 100 casino credits if you spin it 5 times. Lastly, there is also a lucrative jackpot in the game, which you can claim when you place a maximum bet, and simultaneously manage to spin 5 wilds on the screen during that bet.

Lastly, keep in mind that all the slot reel symbols need to be lined up from the left to the right in order for them to pay out. The scatter icon is the only exception to this rule as it does not need to be spun and lined up in a particular direction to form wins for you.

Play Yourself to Numerous Profits in Bingo Slot 25 Lines Slots

Will you be able to hit the right symbols so that you can jump up in the air and shout bingo while the casino credits fuel your bankroll? The possibility always exists, so take your chances and play Bingo Slot 25 Lines Slots today. You will then quickly get to see what this bingo slot machine has in store for you. First get to know the game when you play it for free on Pragmatic Plays own website, and then find a reliable casino that lets you enjoy it for real casino cash credits.