Crazy Jungle 15 Lines Slots

Crazy Jungle 15 Lines Slots is a fun little slot play title from game developer Pragmatic Play. It boasts a total of 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 win lines, and it revolves around a jungle theme that puts a lot of exotic animals and fruits on the screen in a cartoonish fashion. Spin the reels of this game if you have some relaxing time to spare and the desire to win coins.

Symbols of the Jungle

This game hosts a variety of familiar jungle animals and fruits. Spin the reels and you will see cartoonish pictures of the lion, the elephant, the zebra, the vulture, the avocado, the banana, the pineapple and the coconut. The snake, the monkey and the parrot are your bonus icons in this online slot machine.

Additionally, you want to spin the lion, because he is the king of the slot reels with his reward of 9000 credits for 5 simultaneous hits. The second in line is the zebra with a maximum prize of 1500 casino credits. The avocado is the lowest paying item and gives only 80 credits if you spin it on the reels 5 times.

Spin Slithering Snake Scatters

The naughty looking green snake is the scatter logo of the game. You need to spin it simultaneously on slot reels one and five to receive the free spins reward that comes with this scatter. Two snakes are worth five free spins.

Hit the Substitute Parrot Wilds

A red parrot functions as the Crazy Jungle 15 Lines Slots wild icon. It is a helpful substitute logo that you can use to replace unwanted attributes. With the wild, you can successfully complete winning symbol combinations. Only bonus icons and scatter logos cannot be replaced by the parrot wild.

Spin the Bonus Monkey

The cheeky looking monkey is your special bonus icon in this slot machine game. Spin it a total of three times to trigger the bonus round. The monkey needs to show up on slot reels two, three and four, and it needs to be placed on active win lines. You can win bonus rounds and free spins at the same time.

Become the Slot Reel King of the Jungle

Spin the reels of Crazy Jungle 15 Lines Slots and become the most successful slot reel king of the jungle. This laid back and funny game is available for free on the Pragmatic Play website. You can of course also play it for real money at one of the casino platforms that is powered by this software developer.