Daytona Gold Slots

It is time to race towards big profits in Daytona Gold Slots from casino game producer Pragmatic Play. Buckle your seatbelts because it is going to be a ride full of free turbo spins, wild attributes, race bonus credits and profits that will blow you away. So power up those engines and put your foot on the gas pedal for an unforgettable match on the casino race track.

Crawl Behind the Spinning Wheel and Use Your Dashboard During Game Rounds

This game takes place at the racetrack, and you're behind the steering wheel of a very profitable machine. This is both a cash and a race machine that makes tires and reels spin, while it transports you to big prizes at the finish line. Your profit making vehicle is equipped with a five reels and three row engine that will blast you over the track. All you have to do is follow the 15 win line path and your off to a golden cup win.

The game's dashboard will guide you along the way, and it will provide you with the information and tools that you need in order to make this race a success. On the dashboard, you will see helpful buttons and game details like the current bankroll balance, the pay table game play and payout information button, the auto play button that lets you play on autopilot, the win line and bet amount adjustment buttons, the total bet amount and win display, the bet max full pedal to the metal button and the gas pedal or spin button itself.

All of these buttons and displays form the mechanical system of your care. Use this system wisely, and you will have no trouble to hit the finish line as a number one. Also, racecar sounds are being played on the background to give you that extra feeling of being on a real life track. Colorful racing themed symbols further enhance the theme of this game.

Spin Tires and Symbols

The symbols on this slot reel game are mostly fiery looking cars in various shapes and colors. Besides those cars, you will also get to spin the ignition keys, the gear lever, the side view mirror and the steering wheel.

The blue race car is the highest paying regular attribute. Spin it 5 times on the reels in a single game and you will receive 3000 credits. In addition, the side view mirror is the lowest paying attribute. It only provides 100 coin credits if you see it appear 5 times after a spin. Also make sure that you spin the scatter pit stop girl, the bonus racer and the wild track, in order to receive special rewards and perks.

Follow the Winning Symbol Course With the Help of a Racetrack Wild

The wild in this game is a picture of a racetrack with two cars on it. Spin it on any of the five available reels and use it to replace other symbols that you do not need for a win combination. The bonus racer attribute and the scatter pit stop girl cannot be replaced by the wild racetrack. In addition, this wild is also connected to a very juicy casino credit payout. Spin it on the reels 5 times and you will receive a glorious credit reward of 12000.

Flirt With the Scatter Pit Stop Girl in Order to Receive Free Turbo Spins

The pit stop girl turbo spins scatter need to show up on slot reels one and five in order to activate your special free spins feature. In return for spinning these two scatters, you will receive ten free turbo spins. All the played win lines and wagers per line during the scatter free spins round are similar to the ones in the initial scatter trigger game. Additionally, you can activate extra free turbo spins when the scatter feature is active, so the feature can give you a lot more than just ten complimentary spins.

Spin the Bonus Racer Symbol and Enter the Speedway Bonus

The bonus racer symbol leads you to special wins. In order for this to happen, you need to spin this symbol on an active win line at slot reels two, three and four. Continue your pursuit for speed in the bonus round, and become a true racing and gambling champion.

Hit the Road and Claim the Profits in Daytona Gold Slots

Hit the roads, spin winning symbols and hit big profits with Daytona Gold Slots. This Pragmatic Play game option offers high speed fun and a lot of financial benefits. Make a test lap on Pragmatic Play's own website, and then aim for pole position in a real coin game when you now the route to the gold at the finish line.