Deco Diamonds Slots

Deco Diamonds is an all-new slot game from Microgaming that adds a stylish twist to classic slot game graphics. You’ll enjoy a whole collection of glitzy diamonds, along with bells, plums, melons, lemons and more on the reels. The symbols are very clean and colorful and dressed up and they are nice to look at. The slot game seems basic at first glance, but it’s much more complicated than that. Take a look at the game to see exactly what it has to offer and to learn if it’s the slot game for you or not.

A Variety of Special Features

Deco Diamonds remains interesting for gamblers by packing in a bunch of different special features. There are stacking symbols, wilds, a special wheel bonus game and re-spin features. Each of these different specials will help add some variety to the game as you play through the rounds and they transform a seemingly simple fruit machine into an advanced slot game.

Stacked Symbols

Many slot games offer stacked wild symbols, but Deco Diamonds offers a wide variety of stacked and unstacked symbols. During some spins you’ll get a large stack of one type of symbol which can lead to all sorts of interesting prize combinations. The stacked feature of this slot game makes it feel more dynamic and the wins that come from it are unexpected.

Deco Diamond Re-Spins

Each time a player gets one of the Deco Diamond symbols on reels 2, 3 or 4 the reel locks that symbol into position and respins all the rest. This can go on forever if additional Diamonds show up on the reels in the next rounds. Those diamonds will be locked into position and you’ll enjoy another re-spin. Locked diamonds give you an additional chance to use the wild to create winning combinations, increasing your chances for success with every single spin.

The Wheel Bonus

During the standard rounds of Deco Diamonds there is a slight chance to unlock the special wheel bonus game. This game is triggered by getting three or more of the Deco Diamond symbols. With those symbols out on the reels the wheel game begins. Three Deco Diamonds triggers the silver game, four triggers gold and five triggers diamond. At diamond level it’s possible to win up to 1,000 times the total bet amount, which is pretty significant if the players are betting big.

Deco Diamonds looks like a pretty standard slot game with old-school fruit machine graphics that have been dressed up, but Microgaming has gone all out to make the game stand out and to offer an exciting set of features. As you play through the rounds of this slot game you’ll soon see that it has a lot to offer and that it’s an exciting game to try out. Give it a try for a chance to win some of the very large prize payouts.