Four Divine Beasts Slots

Four Divine Beasts is an online slot game that shows off striking graphics and a series of beautiful beast creatures that help create powerful jackpot payouts. The game is based on Asian culture, and features a collection of card symbols, the Yin and Yang symbol, and different beast symbols that can expand for even greater chances of winning. We decided to fully review this online slot after being taken in by the beautiful graphics, and we were pretty impressed by what we saw.

Wagering Levels

In Four Divine Beasts there are different bet levels that make it possible for gamblers to wager a wide range of amounts. Players can bet as few as 30 coins and as many as 300 coins by adjusting the Bet Level accordingly. Not only that, but they can set coin values to get a comfortable wager amount. Coin values can vary from as low as $0.01 and as high as $20.00 each. That means that players can bet between $0.30 and $6,000 per spin. That's a huge variation to work with and ensures that most players will be able to play the game comfortably no matter what their bankroll looks like.

Watch for the Beasts

The four different beast symbols all pay out decent prizes if you manage to get at least four of them at a time. The dragon is the most valuable with a top payout of 500 coins for five symbols and 400 coins for four symbols. The next is the Vermillion Bird with 300 coins for five symbols and 100 coins for four symbosl. Then is the white tiger with 250 coins for 5 symbols and 50 coins for four symbols. Finally there is the turtle with 200 coins for five symbols and 30 coins for four symbols. Each of these prizes is worth unlocking and can improve your game just a bit more.

Free Spins

There are four different free spin features that all go off the special beast symbols of this slot game. Get a beast symbol on the first reel along with three of the scatter symbols and you'll trigger a free spin round. During the free spin rounds you'll get 7 free spins and a special symbol that will show up on the center reels of the slot. This special symbol changes for each of the different beasts, but it serves as a wild symbol and will give you additional chances to win good prizes.

Random Jackpot

Four Divine Beasts comes with a progressive jackpot feature that can go off at any time. There are several different jackpot levels and you could win any of them after any spin of the reels. Just keep spinning and eventually you'll have a chance to win some pretty stunning prizes.

Using Auto Play

Four Divine Beasts comes with a pretty basic auto spin feature for long term players. This feature lets you turn on auto spin and it will continue spinning until you turn the feature off once again. That means that you could let the game go through hundreds or thousands of spins if you have enough coins to keep playing for that long.

Four Divine Beasts is a pretty cool online slot game with a good selection of features to make use of. Even though it offers pretty similar free spin features, by making them slightly different and adding in a total of four different free spin features the game feels new and unique for a long time. We really enjoyed the wide selection of wagering options available while playing this slot, and the high paying prizes as well.