Fruit Splash Slots

Fruit Splash is a fun fruit-themed online slot game with a basic video slot design. It’s a very basic game with the same symbol combinations to be aware of no matter what symbols you are looking at. It takes just a minute to get accustomed to the way the game works, and after you’re used to the game you can start playing with confidence. Below is our complete review of the slot game and what you can expect when you test it out for yourself.

Looking at the Developers

Rival Gaming is one of the more cutting edge slot developers with leading mobile software, beautiful game layouts, vibrant graphics and a whole set of special features that keep things interesting for gamblers. With a library of more than 80 different games there are many different options to appeal to most gamblers. The games are designed with simplicity in mind, but offer enough bonuses and special features to keep things interesting. Many of these benefits show through in the Fruit Splash slot game as well, including excellent mobile support.

Demoing the Game

There’s no reason to spend real money in order to find out how Fruit Splash plays. This simple slot game can be tested out for free almost immediately. Simply visit a casino that offers the game and click on it to load it up in the web browser and start playing it. The game will load with play coins to wager with and can be tested out fully. Gamblers will quickly see exactly what the slot has to offer and they can decide if they like it or not as they play through one round after the next of the game.

The Fruity Theme

Fruit Splash comes with a pretty predictable fruit theme with berries, cherries, oranges, apples and star fruit appearing all over the screen with each spin. The only non-fruit objects are card suit symbols and they are held within bubbles to help them blend with the underwater theme of the slot game better.

Easy Game Design

Fruit Splash is designed for simplicity from the very beginning. The game is full of different fruit symbols and they all work very simply to help create prize winning combinations. Every player will know how the game works within minutes of starting to play it, which is a nice perk for gambles that prefer simple games to the more complicated options.

A Basic Video Slot

Fruit Splash is a simple video slot game with very few features and nice looking graphics over a five reel layout. The game is easy to play around with and from the very beginning it offers a good blend of prize-winning options that are rewarding, but not too extreme.

No Paylines and 243 Ways to Win

There are no paylines in this slot game, instead there are 243 ways to win in a cluster style payout system. This gives players many different ways that they can unlock prize payouts while they play the game. Without all the different paylines to worry about wagering is also simpler than it is with other payment solutions.

Betting Options

The game is designed to work as if there are 30 paylines in position, even though there aren’t any visible paylines and there is no way to select paylines as you play. Instead, the minimum wager that can be made is $0.30 and the maximum is $75.00. These are all achieved by choosing the number of coins from 1 to 10 on each of the 30 virtual paylines. You also have to choose the value of the coins from a low of $0.01 to a high of $0.25 each. This is what helps create the variation that makes the range of betting options possible.

Looking at the Paytable

The pay table for this slot game is simple. Each of the symbols pays out if there are between 3 and 5 of them in line with one another in either direction. Getting the symbols lined up results in different sized prize payouts depending on the symbol that the combination is made from. The raspberry symbol is worth the most with a value of up to 500 coins for five of them in a row. The prize payouts fall to much smaller amounts after that top symbol with apples being the next most valuable at 75 coins for five of them. Other than those two symbols you’ll want to look out for limes, cherries and blackberries. The star fruit symbol serves as a sticky wild with this slot game. The wild will work to help you create prize payouts with any of the other symbols. Each time it’s involved in a winning combination the wild sticks in position for another spin, leading to some pretty impressive prize combinations over time.

Sticky Wild Respins

There is no special bonus round in this slot game other than the sticky wild feature. Sticky wilds lead to re-spins if they help to create prize-winning payouts. Getting additional sticky wilds on the reels that lead to more prize wins will lead to more re-spins as well, making it possible to get several free spins in a row for some exciting prize combinations.

Game RTP

With an RTP of around 94.12% Fruit Splash has one of the lower returns on investment among the different slot games available today. That means it will be more difficult to walk away with a prize win after playing this game compared to others that are available to interested gamblers. If you’re looking for a slot game that will reward you with the best chances of winning, this is not the game for you.

Slot Game Rating

We give Fruit Splash a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars overall. The game is simple, it looks nice and ith as a good range of wagering options available. It doesn’t offer massive prize payouts, it has a low RTP and it doesn’t offer many special bonus features. When combining the good with the bad you get a decent balance that makes for a decent rating, but not one of the highest ratings that you could have for a slot game.

Slot Game Winners

Winners that play Fruit Splash aren’t going to be rich from the experience, but they could end up with a decent prize payout as a result. It’s possible to walk away with a few thousand coins after a decent win while playing this slot game. That’s not a huge payout, but it’s enough to keep gamblers wanting to come back for more.

Fun Play

There’s no reason to play this slot for real money if you just want to try it out and see how it works. Simply click on the game and load it up in your web browser to test it out for free. Within moments you can play the slot with all the full set of features available to you. You’ll enjoy all that the game has to offer except a chance to win any real money when you’re doing well.

Money Play

If you decide that you want to win real cash while playing this slot you’ll have to register at a casino that offers Rival Powered games so that you have access to the slot. Go through the registration process, deposit real money into your account and start playing the slot. You’ll be amazed by how much more exciting the slot game is after you’re playing for real money, and once the game is up and running you might walk away with a nice prize payout in the end.

Mobile Play

Like most Rival Powered slots, Fruit Splash is fully supported for mobile play. That means that you can load up the slot game in your web browser on a mobile device and play it just like you would on a standard desktop computer. Test out the game using your mobile device and you’ll be surprised by how smoothly it runs overall.

Fruit Splash is a popular online slot game and that’s likely because it’s simple to play, it has a good blend of features and it offers gamblers many ways to come away with a win. The slot won’t make you rich, but it’s a good option for players that want to test out a good blend of features without confusing rules and regulations.