Incan Rich Slots

Travel to the land of the Ancient Incans in Incan Rich, a vibrant and cartoony slot game that plays off the design of the Incan pyramids to create a fun environment to gamble in. The game comes with some nifty little extras, such as stacking multiplier wilds and a progressive jackpot, but it also has some pretty basic features. Find out what to love about the game and why you might not like it by reading through our review.

Multiplier Wilds are the Best Feature

Whenever you play this slot, you'll be using multiplier wilds to enhance your prize hopefully wins in a major way. You can get multipliers as high as 5x from these special wilds while you play. Use these symbols to help you win more frequently, and you'll start to look forward to them.

Made by Rival Gaming

We love Rival Gaming for creating nicely animated slots,; the studio does a nice job with this one. If you value nice-looking games and you want access to a bunch of them, it makes sense to join a site offering the Rival software library of games.

Test-Play it First

We weren't sure we would like this game at first, which is why we planned it in free-play mode first. By trying the game in this special mode, we get a feel for all its features before we risk any money. Once we knew what to expect, we swapped to playing using real money.

Unique Reel Layout

When you play this game, you'll find yourself interested by the cool layout used. Even the reels of this slot are shaped like a pyramid with a 5-symbol reel at the center, four symbols on either side and 3-symbol reels on the two ends. This gives the game a stacked feel, and it makes for some unique payline shapes as well.

Progressive Wins are Possible

There's a progressive jackpot prize in many versions of this game you can play for. When you start to play the slot, look for a jackpot prize that's counting up before you begin playing. If you see that jackpot, you can randomly win a huge prize payout that's based on all the gamblers using the game.

720 Different Win Patterns

There are 720 various ways to win when you play this game. Each time you spin, you have 720 different potential patterns you can use to achieve prize wins. You'll win regularly while playing this game, thanks to the layout, and that's good news for players like us that like frequent prizes.

Good Solid Wagering Options

Even though we wish this game offered gamblers the ability to set the number of paylines when wagering, we were happy to see gamblers can bet a low of $0.20 to a high of $50.00 per spin. That range is good enough to satisfy most gamblers, and it's a good set of levels to work with for most players around.

Good Paytable Values Too

Wins as high as 300x your wager amount down to a low of 2x your wager are possible in this slot. That's a range that most gamblers can enjoy, but it isn't such a high range that you'll be getting rich from a single win. That's why it's good that wins payout frequently.

Play for Free

Before spending money on this game, it's possible to take a moment and test it for free first. That's because the slot is offered with a demo mode. In this special mode, you can spin the reels while using play money to play. The play money balance goes up and down as you play, but you can't get any money from it.

Just a Decent Value Slot

Many slot games pay out a larger percentage of the money they take in than this one, but the slot offers up to 95% of the money it collects as prize money for the player wagering on it. That's slightly lower than other games, but it's an okay value for online players.

A Mobile Game Design

This slot shows off a mobile gambling experience that doesn't require any special software to play while on the go. Instead, you can experience this game from your phone or tablet's browser for the ultimate convenience.

Incan Rich is a stunning cartoony slot showing off symbols related to the ancient Incan empire. Sure it isn't perfect, and other games are better to play, but this one is interesting, and it's worth testing at least once. Try it and see why other gamblers enjoy this game.