Jack Frost Slots

Get into the holiday spirit with Jack Frost the online slot game. This slot features loveable characters like Jack Frost and Harold Heat, and some pretty cool mechanics as well. From the moment you begin playing the game you'll be impressed with all the different tools you have to help you win prize payouts.

Modest Betting Limits

In most slot games the wager amount you put in place determines how much you are capable of winning. This is true of Jack Frost as well, but the betting limits in this slot game are quite modest. There are 25 paylines in all, and you can turn each line on or off giving you lots of flexibility with how much you are wagering per spin. You can also adjust your line bet from a low of $0.01 to a high of $0.25 per line. With a total of 25 possible lines, that means you can wager between $0.01 and $62.50 per spin depending on the settings you have in place. That is going to be a good enough range for many gamblers, but high rollers will find the upper limits to be a bit low.

Multiple Chances to Win Per Spin

With each spin you have multiple chances to win. That's because any winning combination is removed from the reels and new symbols drop down in place of the old. Get a big enough win and you'll get a bunch of new symbols to help you win again. You can get several different winning combinations in a single turn thanks to this feature, making it possible to win several times in a row with just a bit of luck on your side.

Harold Heat Free Spins

Getting three or more of the Harold Heat symbols on the reels at the same time will trigger the special free spin bonus round. You can get up to 20 free spins by getting five of the Harold Heat symbols, and during those rounds you have an increased chance of winning different prize payouts. Any wilds that appear on the reels can become sticky wilds if they are used to create a prize payout. Wilds remain in place as long as they are being used to unlock another prize payout. You can literally fill up the reels with wilds as long as you have wins coming in from them.

The Ice Block Feature

Getting three or more of the Jack Frost symbols will trigger the special Ice Block feature. This feature opens up a bonus round where you must melt the blocks of ice. Behind some of the blocks is a red X that will cancel the round. Behind others are free coins, and some have free spins. After this bonus you'll be taken to the Harold Heat free spin bonus round as long as you find at least one free spin spot in the blocks of ice.

Modest Payouts

If you're hoping to get rich from this slot game you'll have to rely on getting combination payouts as you play through the rounds. That's because each individual payout is smaller in size. The highest payouts come from Jack Frost and Harold Heat, and each of those top payouts is worth just 500 coins. From there the prize payouts become much smaller at just 150 coins for five of the hat symbols, and 75 coins for five of the candy canes or banana symbols.

Jack Frost is an entertaining slot game with enough features to make it interesting to try out. It's not the right slot game for everyone though. If you don't need massive payouts to make things exciting, you might enjoy what this game has to offer with its frequent payouts. If you really need those massive payouts you'll want to look for a different slot instead.