Jurassic Giants Slots

Jurassic Giants is a 6 reel modern video slot game that focuses on the T-Rex and the Wooly Mammoth. These two giants are major symbols in the slot game and they help trigger special bonuses. The game offers upbeat music and lots of cool animations that help it feel more dynamic and exciting as you play through the rounds.

4096 Ways to Win

One of the biggest things that Jurassic Giants has going for it is it’s 4096 ways to win combo system. This slot throws prizes at you all the time and makes gambling very interesting. If you’re the type of player that enjoys win after win, there’s a lot to like about Jurassic Giants.

Good Wagering Options

Jurassic Giants doesn’t have conventional paylines, but it does offer a good range of betting opportunities for serious gamblers that want to lay down a wager. The minimum bet amount is $0.50 per spin, and the maximum wager amount is $250 per spin, giving you a very healthy betting range to work within.

Stacking Symbols

The Mammoth and T-Rex symbols stack up on top of themselves in this slot game, creating more opportunities for combination prize wins.

Massive Free Spin Opportunity

The free spin round in Jurassic Giants is an exciting opportunity that you simply can’t get from most other slot games. It’s possible to get as many as 250 free spins while playing Jurassic Giants. The diamond symbols are the key to free spins, and you can fill every single section of the reels up with the symbols for a massive 250 free spins. During the free spin rounds each win is multiplied by between 1x and 4x randomly for even bigger prize opportunities. The free spin rounds are rich with animations and they add up all the wins as you play through the rounds, creating a more exciting atmosphere for gamblers.

Turbo Spins

There is a turbo spin feature in Jurassic Giants that lets you go through spins lightning quick. Simply holding down the space bar button activates the feature and makes it possible to go through many more spins in a short period of time. Gamblers that prefer fast-paced slots will love the turbo spin feature of this game.

Jurassic Giants is a top-tier online slot game and it has a whole lot to offer serious gamblers that want to try for big wins. There are some nice wins to be had with the game with a bit of luck, and the graphics and animations make it enjoyable to watch as well. Give the slot a try and you’ll soon find that there’s a lot to like about it.