Leprechaun Carol Slots

Gear up for the holidays with one of the most unique mashups that you're likely to see for a long time with Leprechaun Carol, the Irish themed Christmas slot. In this game you'll see leprechauns in Santa hats. You'll see leprechaun hats decorated for Christmas and you'll see pipes adorned with stars and red and white patterns. The game features five reels with three symbols on each, and it packs in enough features to keep you guessing every time that you spin the reels.

Your Betting Options

In Leprechaun Carol you have many different wager settings to work with to create low or high wagers depending on what you are comfortable with. You can risk as little as $0.20 per spin by choosing a coin value of $0.01 and choosing to wager a single coin on each of the 20 paylines. You can raise either the coin value, the number of coins per line or both to get closer to the maximum wager limit as you play. The coin value goes up to $0.50 per coin and you are free to wager between 1 and 10 coins per line. With the maximum coin value and 10 coins per line you can wager as much as $100.00 per spin in this slot game. There are many different wager amounts that you can go with as you play, and that will only help you to enjoy the experience even more since you can choose a wager amount that you're comfortable with.

Moderate Payouts

This slot game offers moderate payouts that aren't too exciting but large enough to keep things interesting as you play. If you manage to get five of the wild symbols, five of the leprechaun symbols or a mixture of the two you'll unlock a prize payout worth 50x your total wager amount. That's a top value of $5,000 if you wager the maximum amount while you play. The next best payout comes form the leprechaun hat which is worth 25x your total wager amount or up to $2,500 if you wager the maximum amount. These are the two best payouts and they aren't as great as what's offered by some other slot games available today.

Random Spin Features

Anytime that you're playing this slot game there's a slight chance that you'll trigger one of the random spin features. This features go off after you spin the reels and there's no special way to trigger them. You can either get a bunch of random wilds added to the reels or you'll get to pick one of five fiddles to uncover a hidden cash prize. The features occur occasionally and can help you bring in more money from this slot game. They're especially nice if you've been playing for a time without getting a win, but they can happen at any time. There's also a giant symbol feature that can trigger randomly. Occasionally a massive 3x3 symbol will show up on the reels giving you a very good chance to trigger some prize payouts. This is even more exciting when the giant symbol is a wild, and that's when you'll get the really big wins.

Scatter Nudge

In order to trigger one of the game's built-in scatter bonus features, you need to get a scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. There will be instances when you get scatters on reels 1 and 3 but not on the 5th reel. If there is a scatter symbol above or below the 5th reel, the scatter nudge feature will trigger and knock that scatter symbol on to the reel triggering the special random bonuses.

Random Scatter Bonus Games

The scatter symbols are pots of gold and they can work together to trigger a special bonus game if you can get three of them on the reels at once. Get three scatter symbols and you'll trigger a bonus game from the several different games available at random. There are three possible bonus games that can trigger during the random bonus scatters, giving you three possible boosts as you play the slot game.

The first bonus awards you with 3 free spins with a 3x3 giant symbol on the reels. The first spin has the giant symbol all the way to the right. The next spin puts the symbol in the middle and the final spin moves the giant symbol all the way to the left.

There's also a coin collector bonus round that gives you 15 free spins with a 4x multiplier. During this round you must try and collect golden coins while unlocking wins. For every 5 coins that you collect you'll move to the next level, get 5 free spins and the multiplier will go up by 1x. You can keep raising the multiplier until you get to 6x. At that point every five golden coins that you collect will give you 5 free spins but the multiplier will remain the same.

Finally, there is the free spins picker bonus feature. In this feature you get a base of 20 free spins with a 3x multiplier, but before the round begins you choose from the presented mushrooms to unlock added perks. You can get instant cash payouts, additional free spins or added multipliers to help you win more from the free spin bonus round.

Adjust the Speed

You have two different speed settings to work with when you play this slot game. You can either let it go along at the normal rate, or you can open up the menu and turn on the quick spin feature. This feature shortens the spin animation dramatically, giving you the ability to go through many turns in less time. If you're in a hurry to play through a bunch of rounds of this slot, use the quick spin feature to get things going faster.