Magic Money Maze Slots

Most modern slots feel the same as one another when you play them. They can become dull over time, and you easily get bored of the games you're so used to playing. That's why it's interesting and exciting to try Magic Money Maze. This online slot is designed to have a different feel and offers a bonus round that no gamblers have likely experienced before. In this special round, you get a chance to go to a range of prizes, but you must overcome the obstacles put in front of you to end up with a powerful prize from this slot game.

Magic Money Maze has a generic president theme, with most popular presidents showing up as cartoon characters. Money symbols also show off different amounts of cash you could win with enough luck.

Made by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play makes modern slot games that are known for offering powerful features and for showcasing stunning graphics. You can get the looks and function from this slot game, and if you like this game, you'll likely want to try the many other games from the same company.

Try it For Free

Before you spend money trying Magic Money Maze to see if you like it, you can test it for free. Load the game onto your device and play it in Demo mode to get a full feel of the slot without spending any money on them. The Demo version of the game is entertaining, but it isn't good for winning actual prizes.

The Money Symbols Change in Value

The money symbols change to different random values all the time, and these special symbols add up to create a jackpot prize that can be won as you play. Get enough money symbols on a payline simultaneously, and you'll win all the money values added up since you began playing the game.

A 5x3 Video Slot

This unique slot has a simple structure that most gamblers will feel comfortable with when first trying it. The game shows off a simple 5x3 setup with five rows of reels three positions tall. There are basic wagering plus and minus symbols, and the remaining information is hidden behind a simple menu. The game is easy to learn and start, ideal for new gamblers or anyone looking to learn more about this slot.

10 Always on Paylines

The game features just ten paylines that are always active as you play. These lines give you a small chance to win prizes, and you should expect to have more infrequent wins as you play through the rounds. When playing this game y

Powerful Wagering options

It's possible to wager as little as $0.10 per spin when playing this game, and you can wager as much as $250 per spin when playing the game. Between these two extremes, there is a lot of money to be made, and you have a wide range of options to consider when looking at this project.

Win up to 10,000x Your Wager

It's possible to uncover as much as 10,000x your total wager amount when playing this slot game. This huge prize payout will transform your play experience and give you something to be extremely excited about.

Take the Game with You

This slot is optimized to work on mobile devices and is simple to take with you everywhere you go. If you want to play the game on a phone or tablet, it runs on iOS and Android devices easily.

Try and Get Through the Maze

You'll start the maze bonus round of this game whenever you get three or more of the BONUS symbols. In this special round, you get between 1 and 4 lives, and you must choose the path you take. It's up to you to try and make it through the maze. Along your journey, you'll gain or lose lives and uncover instant prize payouts to create an epic win.

Not a Great Value Slot

There are slot games that offer as much as 97% of the money wagered back as prizes to the gamblers. This game pays out between 96% and 94%, depending on the casino you play it at. If you play the game at one of the more generous online casinos, it is a decent value, but it's too easy to play the slot at the lower value, which keeps it from being as worthwhile as the other options.

Magic Money Maze is a cool online slot that combines a unique bonus round with straightforward gameplay. Most of the time you play, you'll experience typical slot gambling functions until you unlock the special bonus round. Once in that round, you'll enjoy a unique gambling experience that feels more like an arcade game or a gameshow game than it does a slot. This is a game each person should try at least once, and it's something you can have a lot of fun with.