Rolling Roger Slots

There’s a brand-new slot game from Habanero Games and this slot uses a unique rolling mechanic to help determine which symbols offer prize payouts and which ones do not. The little hedgehog like character will roll around the screen at the completion of every turn, and the path that he rolls in will determine what symbols are selected for payout. It’s possible to win thousands of dollars with enough luck, but not everyone will win big. We decided to do a full review of this slot game after seeing its unique mechanics. Read more below to learn all about this slot.

Unique Rolling Paylines

During the slot game there aren’t any actual paylines in play. Instead the little character rolling around forms the paylines. This little character rolls between 3 and 15 different reel positions every single turn. Wherever the little character rolls is what serves as the payline for that round.

Building up Acorns

The little acorn symbols are important to Rolling Roger because they are the fuel for the free spin bonus round. Essentially, these little acorns will pay for free spin rounds as well as for transforming different standard symbols into wilds as you play through the rounds. Each turn that you take on the slot will give you a total of 2 acorns to add to your collection. When you get at least 40 acorns or more you will start seeing scatter symbols on the reels and have a chance at unlocking the free spin bonus round.


Since there are no paylines there are different ways to determine how much you are wagering while playing Rolling Roger. You choose a coin amount that you want to use for the game which is between $0.01 and $20.00 per coin. You can also choose a bet level that increases the total number of coins wagered per spin. It goes from a single coin all the way up to 250 coisn in total. The highest wager that you can make on this slot is a massive $5,000 per spin, and the minimum wager that you can make is a pretty tame $0.01 per spin, so it’s up to you to choose an amount that you are comfortable with from the time that you start playing online,.

Acorn Free Spins

Get three or more scatter symbols and you’ll trigger the special free spin mode of this online slot game. During that mode of the game you’ll spend acorns to purchase free spins with a single acorn per spin. Until you run out of nuts you’ll be going through one round after another unlocking special prizes. There is also a chance that some of the standard card symbols will be transformed into a wild symbol but will cost 5 acorns in order to change things up. It’s only possible to build up a maximum of 120 acorns and if you manage to save up that many you’ll enjoy a very long free spin round.

Using the Gamble Feature

There’s a special gamble feature in Rolling Roger that gives you the chance to try and double up any prizes that you’ve won while playing. To use the feature you simply click on “Gamble” after winning a round. From there you select on a card from one of the many face down options on the table. Choose the card that you believe will be higher than the dealer’s. If you beat the dealer you double your money, if you lose to the dealer you lose your money and if you tie you get to go again.

Rolling Roger is certainly a unique slot game, and that’s what we enjoy so much about it. It’s simple to play and offers some new mechanics that you aren’t likely to find on any other slots available today. If you’re interested in trying something new, it’s worth testing out, and you could even win big while you play through one round after another.