Striking Hot 5 Slots

Striking Hot 5 is a simple fruit-themed slot with 7's, dollar sign symbols, and fruit. The game is simple to understand, and it doesn't have much going on compared to other slots. If you want a complex game with loads of bonuses, this isn't it. If you want something simple and easy to understand, you may have a good time with this online game.

Decent Betting Options

The minimum wager is just $0.05 per spin, and the maximum is $25.00 per spin. This range is comfortable for most players, and low-stakes gamblers will be happy with their options. Only some high rollers that prefer to wager more than $25.00 per spin will be bothered by the limits of this slot.

Just 5 Paylines

There are only five total pay lines in this game, which keeps your chances of winning lower than what you would get in larger slots. Gamblers don't have to spend much to place wagers for this game, though, and wins are more generous thanks to the small number of lines.

Play Faster with Turbo Spin

Holding the space bar symbol when spinning allows you to activate the Turbo Spin feature of this game. When using that particular feature, you'll spin the reels faster and get through many more rounds quickly than you otherwise would. That's good for gamblers that want to play through a more significant number of turns in less time.

No Bonus Features

There aren't any uniqe bonus features in this game at all. Instead, you play for the winning combinations on the pay table, and that's it. Players that prefer special features and exciting extras will likely grow bored with this game. Players that appreciate simplicity can have a good time using this slot.

Try it For Free

Even if you aren't sure this game is right for you, you can try it for free first. Load this slot in Demo mode and test it with play money to learn about all its features. After doing this for a short period, you'll know what to expect from the game, and you can move on to wagering using real money if you enjoy the game.

Good Solid Top Wins

The maximum win value you can achieve from this game is 5000x your wager amount. That's a whole lot of cash, and it's worth playing for. If you want to win huge, you should spin the reels of this game and hope for the best. You'll need a large winning combination to walk away with a maximum payout, but many gamblers can achieve it.

A Good Return

This slot offers a decent return to gamblers when they play it at the right online casino. The most generous sites offer a 96.29% return to players, while the game can offer as little as 94.32% for its return on less helpful sites.

Works well on Mobile

The game can be utilized on most mobile devices without requiring special apps to work. That's good news for players that want to take the game with them on the go. Bring this slot with you and enjoy all its features from anywhere that offers an internet connection.

Striking Hot 5 is a very simple game, and it will not be exciting enough for many gamblers. The wagering range is decent, and the payout percentage is good enough to be a good value. You should test the game if you want a straightforward gambling experience because it can be enjoyable for the right person.