Super Sweets Slots

Super Sweets is a slot game themed after a beautiful candy factory. All the symbols are nicely wrapped candies or delicious filled chocolates that stand out for their nice designs and they’re lovely appearance. The game is built with five reels with three symbols on each and it plays much like any other standard video slot game that you’ll encounter today. The prize payouts are decent and give you something to play for as you bet on the reels of this slot. Overall, BetSoft looks to have done a nice job with this slot game, but we’ll review it below to make sure. Keep reading to find out everything you want to know about this slot game.

Demo This BetSoft Creation

This slot game was made by BetSoft, one of the leading slot development companies still making games today. The organization is known for making stunning slots, but more importantly for making games that stand out for their themes and their gameplay. That’s why so many big-name games come from the company and why you’ve likely heard of at least a few of them before. If you’re interested in this game, in particular, you are free to demo it for yourself to decide if you like it or not. The slot comes with a demo mode that allows you to run it just like normal. Simply turn this mode on and try out all the features of the game immediately. It’s easy to determine if you like the game or not when playing it for free.

The Layout is Confusing but the Game is Simple

Because of the way the buttons are laid out on this slot game they seem a bit confusing. There are many different buttons to press on, but three of them are just different wagers that you can set. Once you’re familiar with the purpose of all the buttons at the bottom of this slot game it becomes very easy to play and you’ll be able to wager, spin the reels and use all the functions of the game very simply.

Wager on 10 Always-on Paylines

The entire time that you play this slot game you’ll be wagering on 10 paylines that are always turned on. While wagering on these lines you’ll have the opportunity to wager between $0.01 per line and $1.00 per line. That means you can bet between $0.10 and $10.00 per spin depending on how much money you have available and what your risk tolerance is. This smaller wagering range makes this slot game good for low stakes gamblers, but it is going to scare away many of the high rollers that are prepared to place large wagers down as they play the game.

Look for These Special Symbols

There are three different special symbols for you to watch out for while playing Super Sweets. The golden ticket, the sticky wilds and the surprise candies. Each of these items offers special features that will make this slot more interesting to play. The golden ticket symbols trigger the free spin bonus mode whenever you gather up three or more of them. Any sticky wilds that appear on the reels give you a re-spin and the more you get on the reels the more re-spins you’ll enjoy. The surprise candy symbol either transforms into a golden ticket or a sticky wild symbol at the end of the round. Keep watching these symbols to see what they can do for you.

Small and Infrequent Wins

The prize payouts of this slot game come infrequently and they aren’t very large in size either. The big prize payout is worth 25x your total wager amount, while the second and third best prizes are worth just 8x and 5x your total wager amount. There is some money to be won with this slot, but most of the good wins will come from special features and combinations of prizes that are paid out during a long chain of smaller wins.

The Golden Ticket Free Spins are Decent

Anytime you get three of the golden ticket symbols you’ll unlock the golden ticket free spin bonus round. During this round, you get five free spins and the golden tickets turn into sticky wilds and remain in position. This round works well if the wilds are on the same reel and can lead to substantial prize payouts in some instances. This free spin round occurs less often than the re-spin feature but can result in bigger wins.

A Lower RTP and Top Win

This slot doesn’t just have small standard wins, it also has a lower RTP value and top prize payout as well. The RTP (return to player) of this slot is just 95%, which isn’t anywhere near the best value that you can get from a modern video slot game today. The maximum win you can get on a single spin is 394.4x the wager amount, which is decent but still pretty small in size overall. It means the most money you can win on a single round of this game is $3944.00 which isn’t as much as what many other slot games offer at similar wager amounts. These factors hurt the game’s overall rating even though it looks very nice.

Our Rating

By taking into consideration the small prize payouts, the poor RTP and the lower maximum payout amount of this game along with the excellent graphics and fun features of the slot, we have to give it a 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. This isn’t a terrible rating, but it’s lower than many other slots we’ve tested in the past. We recommend the game to gamblers that like the theme and don’t mind winning smaller prizes. It’s not going to beat out more highly rated games though, and there are many of those available to play today from BetSoft.

Play Any Way You Like

If you’re interested in this slot game you’re free to play in any way that you like. If you want to play it on the go it works on most mobile devices and uses HTML5 to run. That means it will load up properly in the web browser of most devices and that it should work on the majority of smartphones and tablets in the future as well. The game is available to play for free or to play with real money as well. Choose the option you are most comfortable with then start trying this slot for yourself. It won’t appeal to everyone, but there will be some gamblers that love the theme and the animations of the game enough to keep playing it or the long term.