Wild Pixies Slots

Wild Pixies is a newer online slot game with a brilliant theme and beautiful graphics. It’s an online game with an enchanting personality that we just had to test out. During our time with the game we were very impressed by all that it has to offer.

About Wild Pixies

Wild Pixies is a newly released slot game designed to appeal to nature lovers and those that like a bit of magic as well. The slot is designed for for gamblers that like prize combination payouts. The game pays frequently, but in smaller increments than what you will get from some other slot games. It’s a lot of fun, and is worth testing out at least once if you want to know what it is like.

The Game Developer

Pragmatic Play is the developer behind this lovely slot game and they’re known for creating slots with real personality. If you’re interested in tresting out slots with a nice look, you’ll be impressed by many of the company’s offerings.

Testing with Demo Mode

Wild Pixies features a Demo mode allowing you to test out the game without risking any actual money on it. Just press the Demo mode button and you’ll be given a free money balance to play with to test the game out. Make your initial wager and start playing the game. There is no real money to be won in the demo mode, so you will have to switch to standard play if you want a chance at winning.

The Theme of the Game

Wild Pixies is a beautiful slot game themed after the quiet forest and a group of magical pixies. There are flowers in the background, and a lovely magical glow that helps create a tranquil feel. The slot game is relaxing and even calming because of its design, with the brilliant pixie symbols standing out against the darker colored surroundings.

Wild Pixies Game Design

Wild Pixies is a beautiful online slot game with a pretty standard layout. The game has a total of 5 reels with 3 symbols on each one. The game has a series of betting buttons, a simple Autoplay button and hides most of its options behind menu buttons helping to keep the layout very clean looking overall.

A Fixed Jackpot Video Slot

Wild Pixies is a fixed jackpot slot game and doesn’t feature any progressive elements. The prize payouts aren’t huge, but by being able to wager up to 10 coins per payline you can unlock some more exciting wins from the slot game overall.

20 Paylines

There are a total of 20 paylines that you can wager on, giving you a decent range of options to work with. You are free to adjust the line amount up or down to help you come up with the perfect wager amount while playing this slot game.

Ample Wagering Options

With a total of 20 paylines to wager on, and a decent coin range of $0.01 to $0.50, you have some options to work with. The maximum wager that you can make is $100.00 per spin, and the minimum is $0.01. You adjust those amounts by setting a line amount, a coin value and then choosing whether you want between 1 and 10 coins on each of your paylines. After getting all those settings locked in you’re ready to play the slot game.

Taking a Look at the Paytable

The paytable of this slot game is a bit uninspired with prize payouts being held at lower levels. It’s possible to win as much as $1,250 with help from the blue haired male pixie, and the other pixies pay out similar amounts of money if you get five of them on a payline and you’re wagering the maximum amount per spin. This payout isn’t huge by any means, but you’ll be relying on prize combinations more than single prize payouts as you play. There is also a wild symbol that will help you unlock more frequent payouts with each spin.

Cool Bonus Features

To improve your chances of unlocking the cool bonus round a bit more the scatter symbols are given a nudge in this online slot game. that means any time a scatter symbol is above or below the reels of the slot, the game will nudge them into position to give you more of a chance of triggering the free spin round. This is a nice feature that led to a couple free spin triggers for us during the testing period with the slot.

Unlocking Free Spins

Getting three or more of the circular scatter symbols is all it takes to trigger the special free spin bonus round. During the bonus round you will start off with 8 free spins. If you can get two wilds on the reels during the rounds you will trigger the roaming wilds feature that will add additional wilds to the game for bigger payout potential as you spin the reels.

A Solid RTP

With a 96.5% RTP the payback to players from Wild Pixies is respectable, but there are other slot games out there with better payback potential. You ultimately have to decide if the look of the game and its overall feature set is enough to make you want to keep playing it or not.

Big Winners

The biggest prize payout you’ll get from a single prize combination while playing this slot game is $1,250. It is possible to get several big wins at the same time though for larger prize payouts, helping to keep this slot game exciting still. These winning combinations are especially common with all the wild symbols that can show up on the reels as you play.

Fun Play

If you think this slot game looks entertaining, but you aren’t sure you want to risk money on it yet, you can learn more about the slot game with fun play or demo mode. Simply tap on the slot and it will open up in your web browser. You can select Demo mode and test out the slot without risking anything at all in the process.

Real Money Play

If you decide that you want to fully experience the thrills of Wild Pixies you can get to know the game better by signing up for an account, making your initial deposit at the casino of your choice and playing Wild Pixies there. This slot game is incredibly exciting when playing for real money, and we highly recommend players test it out that way.

Mobile Wagering

There’s something particularly enjoyable about playing on a smartphone or tablet while enjoying a high quality slot game. Wild Pixies is optimized to work well on mobile devices and it’s laid out very nicely for it as well. The game’s simple layout with large buttons makes it easy to play the slot while on the go. Load it on your Android or iOS device and enjoy mobile gambling at its best.

Our Rating

Overall, we give Wild Pixies a 4.0 out of 5.0. The slot game is a lot of fun and offers some decent features, but it’s lacking in its prize payouts. We enjoyed the frequent prize combos, but still found the top payouts a bit lacking.

Wild Pixies is a fun slot if you don’t mind games that offer frequent smaller prize payouts. Some gamblers are unimpressed by the wagering setup as well, though we didn’t have an issue with it during our testing period with the game.