Carnaval Forever Slots

Carnaval Forever is a newly released slot game from Betsoft and it’s a thrilling good time. This online slot is themed after Carnaval, the worldwide celebration that culminates in major parties in locations like Rio de Janeiro where there’s a huge festival with bright lights, brilliant costumes and days of fun. The slot isn’t heavily animated, but feels dynamic thanks to the graphics and just the right amount of special features.

About the Slot Game

Carnaval Forever is a 10-reel fixed slot game with pretty limited wagering options and prize payouts. That doesn’t keep the game from being fun and exciting though. There is a special bonus round available to players, as well as several different symbols to watch out for as you play. We really like the special feature buy button, and the coin feature that reduces the cost of that buy button so you can enjoy special features frequently while playing.

The Developer Behind Carnaval Forever

Carnaval Forever was created by Betsoft, an industry leader that’s well-known for producing top quality products that gamblers around the world enjoy. The company is responsible for titles like Ogre Empire, Jumbo Joker and Blood Eternal, and consistently offers slot games with interesting mechanics and prize incentives. Gamblers interested in more unique slots will enjoy many of the games that Betsoft is producing today.

Test it Out with Demo Play

There’s no reason to pay real money to play Carnaval Forever just to familiarize yourself with the slot game. That’s because you can try the game out completely for free. There’s no obligation to spend any money on the slot, instead, you just click on the game and it will load up with free play money. Try it out and decide if you want to play for real money later on.

Carnaval’s Theme

Carnaval Forever is essentially a slot game about a massive party and it’s designed to celebrate Carnaval, a popular celebration around the world in places like Rio. The slot shows off a host of vibrant characters dressed up in brilliant costumes. Not only does the game showcase some beautiful costumes and designs, but it has upbeat music that increases with intensity any time you have a chance of winning a big prize.

A Cleverly Designed Game

Everything about this slot screams party celebration. It’s upbeat, features happy glowing symbols, and offers a good mix of fun features that make it a real treasure to play. Betsoft did a good job coming up with the theme for this slot game.

The Slot Type

Carnaval Forever is a video slot game that features exciting bonuses and special features. The slot packs in a bunch of cool features and is ideal for gamblers searching for more dynamic slot games. There is a free spin bonus along with some decent jackpot payouts.

Few Paylines

With just 10 paylines that are always active the wagering options you have available while playing this slot are a bit limited. You’ll be adjusting the amount up or down with a single arrow and might not be able to get to the perfect wager amount that you would enjoy the most depending on your exact requirements.

A Small Range of Betting Options

There are just a small number of betting options available in Carnaval Forever thanks to the 10 fixed paylines available. You can wager between $0.10 and $10.00 per spin while playing the game and only have 7 different wagering amounts to select from that increase in value rapidly. This means you must be flexible when it comes to how much you wager to fully enjoy yourself with this slot.

Exploring the Carnaval Paytable

One of the best ways to get to know this slot game is to take a close look at its paytable. The biggest win you can get is from five of the wild symbols, which is worth 100x your total wager amount. The next biggest win comes from five of the symbols showcasing the man with the staff and is worth 75x your total wagering amount. The purple and red women in costume are the next most valuable symbols and both are worth up to 50x your wager amount. Finally, there are the women in blue and green and they are each worth up to 25x your wager amount. These are the top-paying prize payouts you can get from Carnaval Forever during standard rounds, and you’ll need many of them to come away with a huge prize payout, but payouts occur frequently, so it’s a decent tradeoff.

Bonus Round Fun

There’s a single bonus round available in Carnaval Forever and it’s a simple free spin bonus. This feature awards prize payouts with every single spin, and you trigger it by getting three or more of the queen symbols, or by buying it with the feature buy button. Three queens gets you 5 free spins, four gets you 7 free spins and 5 will reward you with 9 free spins. Getting a queen symbol at any time during your free spin bonus will reward you with 2 additional free spins to keep the fun going. There is also a bonus coin that lowers the cost of the feature buy button, eventually making it free to buy the feature of the game.

Winning with Free Spins

There is a single free spin bonus game in this slot and you trigger it with the queen symbol. During the free spin rounds you’ll win a prize with each spin, and you could unlock some surprisingly valuable prize payouts with a bit of luck on your side.

The RTP of Carnaval Forever

Carnaval Forever offers a respectable RTP of 96.22% during standard play, and up to 96.63% if you use the buy feature button during your time playing the slot. That’s a pretty good value if you ask us, and it means that you can expect some pretty solid prize payouts as you play.

Our Game Rating

We give Carnaval Forever a total rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 for its good blend of features but lack of wagering options. It’s going to be a good option for players that don’t mind betting in the lower range, but if you like to bet big, you’re going to be disappointed with what this slot game has to offer you.

Carnaval Winners

There are frequent winners on Carnaval, but the big winners are more rare since this slot pays out relatively small max prizes. The biggest winners need to get combinations of prize paying symbols, which occurs to only the luckiest gamblers.

Playing the Game for Fun

You aren’t forced to play Carnaval Forever using real money, and many gamblers like to play it using play money. Whether you just want to get familiar with the game, or you want to continue playing it with play money over the long term, it’s simple setting up a play money version of this slot game. Simply find a casino that offers the slot and start playing it. To do this visit a Betsoft casino, select the game and press the option to play the demo version of the slot. That’s all there is to it!

Playing the Game for Real Money

If you’re interested in making the most of this slot and truly experiencing all the excitement it has to offer, take the time to test it out using real money. It’s thrilling and you’ll get a true feel for how the slot plays.

Enjoying on Mobile Devices

Like most modern Betsoft titles, Carnaval Forever makes it easy to enjoy the different games using a mobile device. You can play on an Android, iOS or other mobile phones and tablets smoothly. There aren’t software requirements and the game should run well as long as you have a newer device.

Carnaval Forever might be a brand-new slot game, but it’s already a top pick for us. The slot has an upbeat theme that’s impossible to ignore, and it offers a good set of features to keep things interesting. Sure, it would benefit from more flexible wagering options, and it could use some additional features, but it has enough to be thoroughly enjoyable.