Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

It’s been a long time since we were impressed by a newer slot game, we encounter so many of them after all. That’s why we were surprised to be truly impressed by Fruit Bat Crazy during our testing period with the game, and there are a few good reasons for that. Find out exactly what impressed us about this dynamic and fun slot down below, and it might become one of your new favorite games as well.

About the Game

Fruit Bat Crazy is a slot game that plays exactly how the name suggests. There are fruit bats and fruit all over the place, and a whole host of crazy features that bring every spin to life. Prize-winning combinations lead to major cascades of additional symbols falling down the reels, helping to keep every round exciting in this slot game.

The Software Developer

Betsoft is well-known and loved in the gambling community and has a massive library of rich slot games that are worth playing at least once. This slot is just another nice addition to that already huge library, and it’s no wonder it packs in such fun features when you look at some of the other games Betsoft developed in the past.

Demo Testing

It’s possible to test out this slot game without having to spend any money to do so. That’s really nice for a game like Fruit Bat Crazy because it’s so unique and you likely won’t know exactly what you’ll experience while playing. Give the slot game a chance and you’ll quickly learn about all that it has to offer you and why many players are happy to spend real money on it.

Exploring the Theme

With its simple look at first, Fruit Bat Crazy has a subdued theme that works to help make the game even more surprising when you start playing. There are fruits, bats, gems and bells on the reels and these different symbols all have a clean and nice design to them. Overall, the slot is pleasant to look at, and even more fun when you begin playing.

Clever Game Design

This game was designed in a very smart way because it’s supremely simple to play, but still manages to be very exciting. Wagering is fast and easy, all the information is readily available, and when you start playing you can unlock some very cool prize-winning combos.

Type of Slot Game

Fruit Bat Crazy is a video slot game with a cluster-style payout design. The slot is lighthearted, well animated and fun to play, but doesn’t offer any progressive jackpots like many other slots designed in a similar way today.

Payline Configuration

There aren’t official paylines in this slot game because it offers money in the clustered 243 ways to win format instead. With that said, the game wagering system works like it has 40 paylines, which helps to keep things simple even though the payouts can be a bit less predictable than they are with set paylines.

Betting Selections

You have a pretty decent variety of wagering options to choose from when playing Fruit Bat Crazy, but not as many as with a variable payline slot game. This slot has fixed paylines and wagering works as if you were stuck with 40 active paylines. You can bet a low of $0.40 per spin and a high of $40.00 per spin. Choose with care and get a wager amount that you’re comfortable with before spinning.

Exploring the Paytable

When looking over the paytable it’s clear that the Fruit Bat symbol is the most valuable with a prize payout of up to $10,000 for a huge cluster of 15 bats. This symbol also rewards free spins to lucky gamblers fortunate enough to get 3 or more of the bats in a group. The other prize payouts are smaller with the pineapple coming next worth just $300 5-symbol win, the 7’s worth $150.00 per 5-symbol win and other payouts even smaller still.

Testing the Bonus Round

This slot comes with a very entertaining free spin bonus round that triggers quite frequently. You only need three or more of the bat symbols to start up the free spins, and once they are started you are much more likely to unlock some nice-sized wins from the slot.

Free Spin Fun

Getting three or more Fruit Bat symbols triggers the free spin bonus round. You can get 10 to 200 free spins depending on how many bats you trigger the round with, and once you get started you’ll likely unlock some impressive wins along the way. That’s the fun of playing this slot, and why so many gamblers continue to come back for more again and again.

Fruit Bat Crazy’s RTP

While a bit lower than some slots you can play today, the slots RTP of 95.22% is still very respectable and means that you can play the slot game without losing too much. We still thoroughly enjoy the slot because of its exciting features, which is why it still comes recommended even though some slots offer an RTP over 96%.

Our Rating

Overall, we give this slot a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. It offers a thrilling blend of combination wins, cascading symbols and an exciting free spin bonus round that is absolutely captivating. Sure, you could get better wins from other slot games, but you’ll have more fun playing this one, and that’s the goal isn’t it?

Major Winners

The biggest single prize payout that you can get from this slot game comes from an astounding 15 fruit bat combination for $10,000 but winners that are fortunate enough to unlock that trigger also have 200 free spins worth of payouts to look forward to, and that’s where the real wins happen. It’s not uncommon for very lucky players to win 10’s of thousands on just a few high-value spins thanks to the tremendous free spin bonus round.

Fun Play

It’s a lot of fun to test out this slot without spending real money in the fun play mode. This is built to give gamblers a try without them wagering real money. Without wagering real money you can’t win a real money prize payout though, and that dims the excitement of this slot slightly.

Real Money Play

When you want to truly experience all the fun that Fruit Bat Crazy has to offer you need to wager a bit and try the game with real money. That’s the only way that you can enjoy all the ups and downs of the slot and experience the rush of a huge prize paying combination that you can withdraw and enjoy.

Mobile Support

Android and iOS users can rejoice, because this slot game is designed to work on most modern mobile devices without fail. If you’re interested in gambling online and you want to be able to enjoy all the features that this game offers without doing so on a full-sized computer, you can do just that with whatever modern mobile device you like. The game should run well on most products, making it easier than ever to have a good time playing online.

Fruit Bat Crazy is the perfect example of how good some modern slot games can be. Sure, the prize payouts aren’t massive normally, but the dynamic setup of the slot game, and all the different features built into it make gambling with this slot a whole lot of fun. Whether you are new to slots, or you want something a bit more exciting to try out, you’ll love what this game has to offer you.