Winsanity Slots

Winsanity is a brand-new classic slot game from Rival. This slot game is themed after the classic slots of old, but has a modern look to it. The game is simple to play, but it still stands out as a game worthy of rating. Below is a full review of the slot game. Read on to find out if the game is worth a playthrough or if it’s something you might want to skip in favor of a different slot.

Crafted by One of the Best

Winsanity stands out as a slot game partly because of the developers that crafted it. Rival Powered is a top-tier slot development company that is known for crafting some of the very best games available today. When you play Winsanity you’re taking a look at a creation by a company that is known for making cutting-edge products, beautiful layouts and nice-to-play slot games.

Get to Know it Through Demo Play

Before ever spending any real money on this slot game you can test it out fully through demo mode. To initiate demo mode you simply visit a casino that offers the game, click on the game and load it up in your web browser. You can also do this right at the Rival Powered website if you like. While in demo mode you can pick the amount that you want to wager and you can bet on this slot game using play money. That will give you a chance to fully test out this classic slot.

A Classic Theme

Winsanity has a classic slot theme in the purest sense of the word. The slot is simply made up of BAR symbols, 7 symbols and then standard numbers. Between these different symbols you get a pretty basic looking slot game without too many noteworthy symbols. You also get a slot that looks nice and plays simply as well. The theme is coupled with a three-reel setup and a single payline to really drive the classic slot theme home.

Designed for Ease-of-Use

Winsanity is made to be easy to play and simple to understand. The whole slot game only has you spinning the reels and trying for one of the prize payouts that are listed on the left side of the screen as you play. There are no secret tricks or special features other than the wild symbols. These special symbols multiply any prize payouts that they help create. So if you get a 6x wild along with two of the BAR symbols on the main payline, you’ll trigger the BAR prize payout but it will be worth six times the standard amount. Wilds can multiply one another as well to amplify their effects for bigger and better prize payouts. The jackpot is triggered by getting all three of the wild symbols in a row on a single payline.

A Basic Classic Slot Game

Winsanity is a basic slot game in the truest sense of the word. It’s a classic slot with three reels and a single payline. There is a short pay table of possible prize payouts and all of the potential wins are listed right on the front of the slot game. The wild feature is the only special feature of this slot game, and it isn’t that crazy or demanding.

Just a Single Payline

There is only a single payline in Winsanity, which can make unlocking prize wins a bit more difficult to achieve. If you decide to play the slot game, you will have to be fortunate enough to get three matching symbols, or a combination of matching symbols and wilds on the central payline in order to unlock any sort of prize payout. Achieving a prize payout is difficult, but it’s not impossible to do. With a bit of luck while playing you can get a prize payout while playing on this slot.

Simple Wagering Options

Betting on Winsanity couldn’t be any simpler. You can wager between $0.01 and $0.50 per coin. You can wager between 1 and 3 coins. The game only allows you to wager in coin denominations as well, which means your wagers are limited to $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50 overall. Choose one of those amounts, select the number of coins you want and finalize your wager. Your maximum wager is $1.50 and the minimum is $0.01 per spin.

A Basic Pay Table

This slot game has a pay table that’s displayed for the gamblers all the time. The table has a bunch of low payout symbols with the triple BAR stack symbols being the most valuable standard symbols that are worth just 60 coins if you are wagering with three coins when you play. The wild symbols are worth up to 3,000 coins with a maximum three coin wager in place, but you will have to get all three of the wilds in order to unlock this prize payout. Overall, prize payouts will be small from this slot game, but there are some occasional high prize payouts if you are a lucky sort of gambler.

No Bonus Rounds or Free Spins

There are no special bonus rounds in this slot game. That means that while you play the game the only thing you will be doing is spinning the reels and waiting or a prize payout to occur. You won’t have to make difficult decisions other than how much to wager when you play this prize game. If you want a slot that’s easy to play and that will give you just the right blend of options from beginning to end if you don’t want to worry about your choices, you’ll enjoy Winsanity.

A Modest RTP

With a RTP (return to player) of just 94.24% Winsanity has a more modest return than many other class slot games we’ve tested in the past. This lower level means that fewer players will come away with a profit from the slot compared to others available today. You can still be a winner while playing this game, but you will need an increased level of luck to be fortunate enough to be profitable in the end. Keep spinning the reels and hope for the best in this classic slot game.

Our Slot Rating

We give this slot a 2.5 our of 4.0 stars for a few different reasons. While the game looks nice and it is simple to play, it doesn’t offer very impressive prize payouts and it doesn’t have a very high RTP either. Gamblers just aren’t going to make very much from this slot game, even the lucky ones. The game is simple to play though and it’s a slot that most people can pick up in just a short time.

Modest Prize Winners

There are many gamblers that play this slot game and come away as winners, but the top prize payout is a pretty modest one. Even the gamblers that are wagering the maximum amount can only win up to $750 on a single spin of the reels with the highest prize payout. That’s not a massive prize win, but it is enough to get players excited. Low stakes players can come away with some nice prize payouts after playing this slot. Most gamblers that want big prize payouts will look at other slots instead though.

Play for Fun

It’s possible just to play for fun and to avoid risking real money when playing Winsanity on the right settings. This is all possible because the slot will run in demo mode if that’s what players want it to do. When in Demo mode the slot operates on play money rather than real money. When working with play money the slot runs like normal, but no real money can be lost or won. It’s a simple way for players to test out the features of the game.

A Relaxing Real Money Experience

Of course, Winsanity was designed to be played for real money, and as a real money slot the game is relaxing to play. That’s because the slot is operated for a very low cost, even at the highest prize amounts. Not only that, but the slot game is also simple to play and most gamblers know how the game works right from the very beginning. There are no special features to figure out and there aren’t any difficult decisions to be made either, which makes this slot relaxing to play around with.

Winsanity Works on Mobile

Winsanity is a slot that you can take with you wherever you go. This slot game is designed to work on mobile devices so you can easily open up the game on your smartphone or tablet and start playing. The slot will work anywhere that has a solid internet connection, and it’s optimized to run easily on a small screen. All the different buttons will be visible and simple to use, so you can enjoy your mobile play experience with this slot game.