Hot Chilli Slots

Hot Chili Slots is an interesting and unique classic slot game that offers gamblers a good chance to win some decent prizes while working with a new spin mechanic that simply doesn’t look or work the same as a traditional slot spin. To learn all about what this slot game has going for it, read down below and get to know this interesting slot experience.

A Pragmatic Play Title

Developed by Pragmatic Play, it’s safe to assume that Hot Chili slot will be a unique game with an impressive mix of features. The game is home to some unusual mechanics and it offers the gamblers something to get excited about when they sit down to play a classic slot game as well. Pragmatic Play is behind some of the most innovative slot games today, and Hot Chili slots supports that idea.

Try it in Demo Mode

There’s no way to really get a feel for this slot game and how different it feels than to test it out in demo mode. This slot makes that easy to do though. It’s available in Demo Mode at many online casinos for interested players to run the game and test it out with play credits. The game makes the Demo experience even more realistic by giving players a realistic balance that looks like cash so players can really feel what it will be like winning a prize payout from this slot game.

A Classic Chinese Theme

The golden dragons and mixture of oriental symbols give this slot game a decidedly Chinese theme to it. Players will take note of the nicely designed symbols the moment that they begin playing, but there is really only a handful of symbols to be aware of while playing this slot.

Simple and Unique

The slot game is played inside of a golden dragon and the reel positions are in a circular formation. Both of these details make the slot seem more unique and exciting, but it’s really the spin animation that sets this game apart from the rest. Instead of spinning at all the different symbols blink back and forth in a unique animation and then symbols finally take up positions on some of the spaces. All the slot locations don’t have to be filled up in this slot game though and there are times when only half the spaces have any symbols at all. The entire time you play you’re always just trying to get prize combinations present on the pay table and there are no bonus rounds to worry about while playing.

A Modern Classic Slot Game

This slot is clearly a classic slot game. It has three reels and it lists off all the different paytable information right on the front of the screen. There also isn’t any bonuses to worry about and very few special features. With that said, the game has a modern look and feel and the unique animation that determines spins is different than anything we’ve experienced before giving this slot a whole new appeal compared to other games that are available.

9 Paylines

There are a total of 9 paylines in this slot, which is more than what you’ll find on most classic slot games. That doesn’t mean the chances of winning a prize payout are increased though. The lines don’t all fill with symbols and there are empty spaces every single time that you spin the reels, lowering the chances of a prize payout to more standard classic slot levels.

Simple Wagering Options

The 9 paylines are always active, but players can choose to wager between 1 and 10 coins per line and to wager between $0.01 and $0.50 per coin. That means that the minimum wager amount is $0.09 and the maximum is $45.00 per spin.

A Rewarding Pay Table

With a quick look at the pay table for this slot game it becomes immediately clear that it’s a potentially rewarding game, but that the prizes are simple anyway. It’s possible to win as much as $25,830 on a single spin of the reels if you are fortunate enough to get three of the chili symbols with the highest multiplier on them. Getting a lower multiplier will lower your prize payout that you get from the chili symbols. The next best payout after the chilis is the shrimp symbol and it’s much lower in value overall than the chili symbols are.

No Bonus Round

There is no bonus round to be aware of with this slot game, but any chili symbols that don’t have a multiplier will serve as a wild while splaying this slot game. That means that you want to get as any of the chili symbols as you can, even if there aren’t chilis all over an entire payline.

No Free Spin Mode

Since this is a classic slot game there are no free spins or any sort of bonus round that can be unlocked. Instead, you will spin the reels and hope to hit one of the higher paying jackpot rewards. That’s exciting enough for many gamblers and it’s what will keep players coming back for more.

An Excellent RTP

With an RTP (return to player) of 96.25% Hot Chili is a good slot game to play if you’re concerned about winning cash reliably. This slot is higher than many other slot games that you can play today, which means that you’ll have a higher chance of success than if you play a different game. Even though the prize payouts are smaller in this slot than some of the others, the payouts are more frequent, which means that you can still walk away with a good pile of cash if you are lucky.

Our Overall Rating

After taking the time to get familiar with this slot game and looking at the good and bad of it, we give this slot game a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. It gets that rating for offering decent prize payouts and for having a unique spin animation. The slot is a bit dull and lacks higher prize payouts as well as many special features to look out for. That’s the only reason that it lost some points at all, and plenty of players will enjoy the way the game plays and the different prize payouts that they can unlock along the way.

There are Some Big Winners

Even though most of the prize payouts with this slot are smaller, there have been players in the past that have won big. With a top prize payout of over $50,000 it’s simple to see how someone could walk away with a nice stack of cash, and there are players that win more than one large jackpot in a single play session if they’re very lucky.

Try it with Play Money for Fun

To try this slot game out and see what it’s really all about you are free to play it in free play mode. In this special mode you can load up the slot and try out all the features without spending your own money to do so. This gives you a chance to evaluate the slot game without putting yourself at risk or losing any cash. The only downside is that if you win a big payout while playing you won’t actually get it because it’s all free money.

Start Playing with Real Money for the Real Fun

It’s nice being able to evaluate a slot game with play money, but the game gets much more enjoyable when it’s played using real money. When playing with real money you can win the prizes you uncover and there is more at risk with every spin of the reels. Fortunately, it’s simple to begin wagering with real money. Simply visit a casino with the slot game and sign up to start playing there. Go through the quick registration process and make a real money deposit. You can probably get started the same day that you want to play the slot and start wagering.

Works Well on Mobile

Because of the way that this slot game is designed, it will load and run smoothly on most mobile devices as well. It makes no difference whether you have an iPhone, an Android device, a Windows Phone or something else. As long as you have a modern device the game should load up in your web browser and run smoothly from there. This makes it easy to play on the go and a real treat for gamblers that prefer mobile gameplay.

Hot Chili slot is a unique classic slot game with just enough in terms of features to make it worthwhile to play for gamblers that prefer the classic slot experience. With that said, the game does lack bonus features, free spins and other extras that other classic slot games offer, so it’s important to know what you want before you start playing this game with large wagers in place.