Bamboo Rush Slots

Bamboo Rush is a new offering from Betsoft with an Asian theme and a Zen-inspiring look. The slot packs in some clever surprises and has real prize potential, but is it the game for you? Find out more about the game and our experience with it by reading through our review below.

It’s Betsoft, What More Can We Say

Betsoft has a reputation for creating beautiful slots that also play good. That’s what you’re getting when you play Bamboo Rush. This slot game has a nice blend of features that are engaging and rewarding. It also packs in graphics that you can’t take your eyes off. this is the standard for Betsoft games, which is why so many gamblers commit to playing at them over time. They’re worth playing, and many people are happy to spend their time on Betsoft games.

Demo the Game First

Bamboo Rush is a blast to play for real money and it will have gamblers on the edge of their seat with every spin they make, but it doesn’t have to be played that way. Skeptical gamblers can load up the slot in their web browser or on a mobile device and play it in Demo mode. In this mode they have a fictional balance that they try to improve by spinning the reels. All the features of the game work the same, but no real money is on the line. It’s a nice feature, though it doesn’t feel exactly the same as playing with real money at risk. Players that want to experience the slot without risking money can use this feature to do so conveniently.

A Basic Asian Theme

Beautiful lush bamboo serves as the backdrop for this slot game, but the different Chinese symbols serve as a more simple connection to the overall theme of this game. The slot has an Asian theme without a doubt, but it’s also made with simplicity in mind. All the different symbols are basic looking and not distracting when spinning the reels. The slot almost has a Zen feel to it for that reason.

Clean and Neat Game Design

Bamboo Rush is a neat slot game that doesn’t present gamblers with too many options. Visitors that try the slot will see a basic bet adjustment tool, an autoplay button, a standard spin button and then the menu and audio adjustment buttons. That’s all that’s displayed on the screen for the slot, and everything is laid-out neatly as well. This makes the game easy to learn, and it makes it more relaxing than some more cluttered options are.

A Video Slot Experience

This slot is calm and simple, but because it has five reels and still offers several special features it is considered to be a modern video slot. It’s highly interactive, it’s exciting and it is designed to pay out in a big way as well.

10 Always on Paylines

Gamblers that play this slot have 10 always activated paylines to work with. Each of the lines is turned on at all times, which is why the minimum wager amount is $0.10. The maximum wager is $10.00 per spin and only takes a few moments to get to. While 10 paylines isn’t much for a video slot game, wins are common and come through frequently.

Simple Wagering Options

We want to start by saying that this slot game isn’t for high rollers. The maximum wager amount is just $10.00 per spin, which isn’t going to excite many high-stakes gamblers. The betting options are decent for low-stakes gamblers, though they might find the adjustment options a bit limiting. The minimum bet is $0.10, which should be affordable for most players. The wager amount jumps up steeply though, so gamblers might have to settle on a somewhat uncomfortable bet amount if they want to turn up their risk with this slot game.

A Bland Paytable

Other than the Giant Panda symbol that’s worth thousands of coins, the rest of the symbols on this game are very modest in terms of the payment they offer. Gamblers looking for lots of big wins will be disappointed by most of the prizes offered by this slot at all levels. There is a wild symbol that can help with payouts though. The wild can have a 2x or 3x multiplier attached to it, making it possible to get up to 27x the prize amount with help of three 3x wilds and a paying symbol combination. This helps to make the slot more exciting, dynamic and rewarding overall.

A Free Spin Bonus

Get three or more of the Golden Panda symbols to unlock exciting prize payouts and to trigger the free spin bonus round as well. Get between 8 and 20 free spins depending on the number of Panda symbols you trigger the bonus with. During the round prize payouts are multiplied by 2x or 3x, which is why the biggest wins occur during this round.

A Slot with Good Payback Potential

While you are still more likely to lose money than you are to win it while playing Bamboo Rush, this slot game offers one of the highest RTP (return to player) values of any offered by Betsoft and other slot developers as well. With an RTP of 96.9% this slot game offers pretty decent chances for players to break even or even come away with some profit during a short play session. That’s just one of the features that we really like about this game.

Our Honest Rating

Overall, we give this slot game a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. It’s fun to play, it looks decent and offers massive prize potential as well. We wish it had a separate bonus round along wit the free spin round though, and the symbols could benefit by being a bit more stylish in our opinion. Still, this video slot is an excellent option to play around with.

Huge Potential for Massive Wins

There aren’t too many fixed jackpot slot games with the potential to pay out massive prizes. Bamboo Rush is one of those games. The biggest winners of this slot can walk away with as much as 53,208x their total wager amount, which is pretty huge if you ask us. Of course the players that bet big are the ones that will benefit most from this high payout, but everyone stands to profit pretty well based on this maximum payout.

It’s Entertaining to Play

There’s really no requirement to play this slot game for real money, and many gamblers decide to simply play it for fun with the Demo Mode. That’s because this game is very entertaining and can be fun when played without any chance of winning real money. Just imagine how exciting the slot can be when real money is on the line!

Try for Real Money for a Bigger Thrill

Even though this slot is a blast to play for free, it’s even more entertaining when wagering using real money. The game becomes more intense and offers a more rewarding experience overall. Gamblers simply need to be members of a Betsoft casino in order to access real money wagering on this slot game.

Solid Mobile Support

This slot is built to work on mobile and functions on most mobile devices without any issue. The game will run smoothly on iOS and Android devices through a compatible app, and it can also be run on different devices straight through the mobile web browser. The game looks nice on smaller screens and is just a decent option for those gamblers out there that want to play the game while on the go.

Bamboo Rush is a well-made video slot with huge jackpot potential and a fun free spin bonus round. It makes good use of its multiplier wilds and is a thrill to play for most gamblers interested in it. For all of those reasons we highly recommend that gamblers at least test the game out.