Quest to the West Slots

Quest to the West is a new slot creation put out by BetSoft. This Asian-themed slot is all about the monkey king's journey out west and it's a beautiful game to look at. The game has a pretty standard layout, but that doesn't mean it's the same as other slots. Learn all about the special features that make this game stand out in our complete review and decide whether the slot is worth playing or not.

Created by BetSoft

This game is one of the many beautiful creations put together by BetSoft. That's why the slot developer is so well-known throughout the gambling industry. Like many of the creator's games, this one is loaded with cool features graphics that help it stand out.

An Asian Mythological Slot

Built around the story of the famous monkey king. This slot game is rich in lore and it's a very colorful game to play around with. Hints of Western styling can be found all over in this slot game, including the temple at the top of the waterfall.

Simple and Beautiful

Quest to the West is a nice looking Asian-themed slot game with lovely symbols and a lush backdrop that features beautiful animation of a waterfall. There are just a few buttons for you to be aware of when you play this game, and most new players will find it easy to pick up and start wagering with.

A Standard Video Slot

This game doesn't have the progressive jackpots that some slots offer, but it does come equipped with some pretty unique bonus features that make it more involved than a classic slot. It's a standard video slot game that will keep things interesting, but it doesn't offer the massive prize payouts that some of the progressive jackpot slots offer.

25 Paylines to Win On

Every time you place a wager while playing this slot you'll be risking money over all the different paylines of the game. That means you have 25 chances to get a prize win as you spin. With 25 paylines, this slot offers a moderate chance to win prize payouts as you spin the reels. Keep the reels turning and try to get frequent payouts from the game.

High and Low Betting Options

This slot game is a good fit for most types of gamblers that you will come across. For the low-stakes players that want to preserve their money, it's possible to spin the reels for just $0.04 per spin. For the serious gamblers that want to play for the highest prizes, you can wager up to $80 per spin of the reels and go for some bigger payouts. Either way, there is a lot of money to be had from this slot and it's certainly worth playing around with.

A Moderate Paytable

If you're the type of player looking for the biggest wins that you can get, you'll be disappointed with this slot. Instead of uncovering massive prize payouts as you spin the reels, you'll be playing for smaller wins. The largest fixed prize payout is worth $3,000 after a spin, followed by $1,600 for two other prize payouts. Those reserved figures are fun to play for, but they aren't life-changing.

The Monkey Walking Bonus

The wild monkey king symbol should be the cause of many prize wins that you get while playing at this casino. There are going to be times when you can get some serious wins from these wilds thanks to the Monkey Walking bonus round. Whenever you get three or more of the monkey king symbols you'll trigger this feature. Once the feature is activated, you'll get free spin after free spin as the monkey symbols migrate off the West of the reels. The free spins keep coming until every one of the wilds is gone from the reels. That means if new wilds appear the feature keeps on going even more.

Unlock the Riches of Heaven

In the Riches of Heaven bonus, you will get a 1,000x prize payout multiplied by your line wager for a nice prize win. This feature is triggered after you get three of the Monkey Walking bonuses. If you play long enough and you have some luck on your side you can trigger this special feature and really enhance your bankroll as a result.

A Very Good RTP

By looking at the RTP or return to player value of a slot game you can see how good of a deal it is to play and learn more about whether or not it's going to be a good fit for you as a gambler. With a value of 97.53%, this slot is an excellent tool and certainly worth playing around with. When you use this game you will have access to reliable returns and some solid wins as well. It's a good value overall.

Our Rating

While reviewing every slot game we take the time to put together an honest rating of the game. While testing out this slot we had enough time to decide on a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We really enjoy the different bonus features, the style of the game, and the performance that it offers overall. We didn't like how tame the prize payouts were though and wish they were more valuable.

Small but Regular Wins

This slot isn't the sort of game that's going to make you rich in a single play session. It is stable and enjoyable for players that prefer safer gambling conditions. When you spin the reels of this slot game you have a good chance of getting small wins worth 10x to 50x the amount you're wagering. You will need a lot of luck to get larger wins that though. The biggest win you can get is from the special Heaven feature that offers a 1,000x prize payout, and that requires a great deal of luck to trigger in one play session.

Try in Free Play Mode

If you aren't sure about risking your money on a new slot game that you aren't all that familiar with, you can opt to play this game for free instead. There's a special Demo mode available for this slot game that allows you to spin the reels and enjoy all the different features of the slot without risking your money at all. In this mode, you play using play money, and you can still unlock all the bonuses and everything to learn how the game feels.

Play for Real Cash Prizes

If you're interested in playing for the win you can swap over to real money play mode and start playing for real cash prizes. In order to do this, you must be a member of a compatible BetSoft casino and you have to fund it with a real cash deposit. Once you do those two things you can start playing the slot for real money in an effort to get some solid slot wins.

Easily Play on the Go

If you're interested in making the most of this slot, you can take it with you on the go as well with most devices. BetSoft designed this game to work right in the web browsers of most mobile devices, so you can effectively take the slot with you wherever you go without bringing along a computer to play. The slot works without special downloads, so you can start playing immediately.

After playing through all the features of this slot it's easy to see why some gamblers love playing this game. It's packed with cool features that make Quest to the West stand out. The slot isn't perfect though. It doesn't offer large prize payouts and it can become a bit dull over time as well. Try it for yourself and see if it's the game for you.