Take The Bank Slots

If you’ve ever dreamt about robbing a bank, or leading the lift of a criminal then Take the Bank might be just the slot game for you. This slot game has a strong bank heist theme complete with safes, bombs, criminals, police officers and a whole bundle of loot to try and get away with. As you spin those reels you’ll be trying to get away with literal riches. The slot is fast-paced, feature-rich and offers frequent payouts to keep things interesting. Try it yourself or read our review to see if the slot is for you.

A BetSoft Creation

Take the Bank is a well-known BetSoft creation, which is another reason that gamblers are willing to try it out. BetSoft is a leading slot developer and a well-known software company that’s responsible for a list of impressive games. The company makes exciting features, uses beautiful graphics and makes highly compatible slot games as well. Those are all things to be celebrated and reasons for gamblers to try the game out at least once.

Try it Before Real Money Wagering

Take the Bank is designed to allow gamblers to test out all its features before they try the game using real money. That means players can easily wager on the game, unlock the special bonus features and get very familiar with the slot without risking any real money in the process. Players just need to press the “Play Demo” button and they have immediate access to the game and its features.

A Cool Bank Heist Theme

Take the Bank is an online slot game themed after breaking into a bank vault to come away with precious diamonds, stacks of cash, golden bars and more. It’s a slot about the thrilling life of an expert bank robber, and that’s exactly the experience you’ll enjoy when you play this game. The symbols, the background image and the sounds and animations help to encourage this fun theme.

Simple Design with Exciting Features

Take the Bank is a pretty dull looking slot game at first glance, but the game has a lot going for it under the surface. The slot has simple wagering options, autoplay and also allows you to buy the feature to get to the bonus faster. It also has a powerful wild bomb feature that sets off bombs that transform into wilds every 10 spins. Between these powerful features and the nice animations this slot game is very exciting to play even though it seems pretty basic at first glance.

A Video Slot Game

Take the Bank is a modern video slot game with a nice blend of exciting features and good solid fixed prize payouts. It’s possible to win as much as 225x your total wager amount with this slot from a combination of symbols on the reels, but you’ll unlock smaller combinations much more frequently than the top prize.

Pay for 20 and Get 75 Paylines

According to the slot game it offers a total of 75 paylines. This is remarkable because when placing wagers you pay for just 20 paylines. That’s one of the big perks of this online slot game. You’ll enjoy a massive 75 paylines and frequent chances to win prizes but you’ll pay for far fewer paylines. It’s a good deal for serious gamblers and long-term players will come to love the high-paying situation.

Minimal Betting Options

This slot game feels like it has 20 active paylines on at all times. That means that you must wager a minimum of $0.01 per spin and you can go up to $20 per spin depending on the coin value that you set. By limiting the slot to a maximum wager of just one coin per line, and locking all 20 lines on at a time you get a limited number of wagering options to choose from while playing Take the Bank. The limits should work for most low-stakes gamblers, though they might not have as many options as they would like to choose from. High rollers will be disappointed with the upper wager limit though and could end up placing wagers they aren’t interested in as a result.

A Low Value Pay Table

One of the first things that gamblers look at when considering a slot game is the pay table. That’s because it determines what sort of prize payouts can be achieved while playing the game. Take the Bank has an uninspiring pay table with small prize payouts compared to others offered today. Many of the wins that can be achieved are even smaller than the wager amount itself. These prizes don’t seem worth it at first until you consider the built-in bomb mechanic. This special feature sets off bombs that attach to all of the criminal symbols over ten rounds. At the end of those ten rounds all the bombs transform into wild symbols and lead to impressive prize combinations. Even though the prize payouts aren’t large on individual prizes, there’s an excellent chance for huge prize-winning combinations to occur and that’s what gamblers should be playing for as they spin the reels.

Only Free Spins and Bombs

There is no special bonus round available other than the Police Car free spin round. There is a special bomb feature that occurs during the standard rounds of the slot game though. This special feature triggers every 10 rounds. When it goes off a bunch of wilds are added to the reels to trigger some impressive prize combinations.

Police Car Free Spins

Any time you get three police car symbols out on the reels while playing the slot game you’ll unlock a free spin bonus round with 15 free spins. While in free spin mode you’ll enjoy between 5 and 10 scattered wild symbols across the reels that really increase your chances of winning larger prize payouts. The police car symbols only appear on the central three reels so it’s important to look for them in the middle as you spin.

A Good RTP Percentage

With an RTP of 96.08% Take the Bank is a decent paying slot game that players looking to make a profit can enjoy. Sure, there are other slot games with better values, but they aren’t much better. Most slot games don’t go over an RTP of 98% and many are less than 96%. Take the Bank is right in the middle of them all making it a decent value game that is worth playing. If you’re searching for a slot game that offers a decent chance of profiting, this is one of the better options to look at.

Our Honest Slot Rating

After looking at the features, the prize payouts and the overall design of Take the Bank, we have to give it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. The game just doesn’t have the prize payouts to make it as engaging as some other slot games are. With that said, the bomb feature helps to keep things exciting as you go through one round after another, and gamblers will also enjoy the free spin bonus round. If the payouts were a bit larger this slot game would be very enjoyable to play, and many gamblers will still enjoy some time with the game.

Small Prize Wins

The prize payouts on this slot game are small by design, but that doesn’t mean gamblers can’t win big here. They just have to get lucky enough to trigger many prizes in a play session. This is easier than it sounds in Take the Bank. That’s because the slot game is designed to flood the reels with wilds regularly. If you play for more than a few rounds of ten spins you’ll notice you’re getting a bunch of wilds during some of those rounds and you’ll likely unlock at least a smaller combination win. These can get very large and lead to impressive prize wins for some gamblers. This is what the slot is all about, and it’s why some players can get big wins from the game.

The Slot is Fun

If you’re just looking for a fun and entertaining slot game and you don’t care so much about winning big or even getting all your money back you should look at Take the Bank. The slot doesn’t offer massive prize payouts that are likely to make you rich, but it does offer frequent prize wins and a feeling of continually winning. You will unlock bomb explosions and showers of wilds as you play the slot game, and that should help you stay engaged and interested as you go through one round after the next.

An Excellent Real Money Option

With its range of betting options, it’s generous real money payouts and the high RTP percentage values it’s possible to walk away with some excellent wins while playing Take the Bank. That’s why it’s a highly rated slot game and a worthwhile option for gamblers looking to profit. Sure, the game doesn’t have a massive progressive jackpot, and it is a bit simple looking, but it’s rewarding enough to overlook those faults.

Runs Smoothly on Mobile

This game will run well on most mobile devices, making it a convenient option to choose if you want to wager online from anywhere. The game loads quickly and easily on mobile and can be played right in the web browser without worrying about a download. If you are a member of a BetSoft casino you can immediately start playing this slot.

Take the Bank is an exciting online slot game with some pretty impressive features. It offers gamblers a chance to unlock combination wins and pays out frequently. Add in the fact that it offers a solid RTP % and you have the makings of a solid online slot game. Try it for yourself to see how entertaining it is and you might find yourself coming back for more.