Shining Hot 100 Slots

Gamblers who want to enjoy fast-paced gameplay with simple features have much to look forward to with Shining Hot 100. This classic fruit machine-styled game has loads of paylines and pays prizes out frequently as you spin. The game isn't perfect, but we think it will appeal to some gamblers if they try it. Find out all the information about the slot below.

One of the Pragmatic Play Collection

This slot is a newer game from the Pragmatic Play selection of software games. This slot is a unique and enjoyable gambling experience among all the different games in this collection. There are over 99 games to choose from, and casinos that offer this software often offer software from other companies for a bigger selection.

Simple Fruit Machine Design

This 5x3 slot has the look of a fruit machine with more modern features. With 100 different paylines, the wins are frequent, but you'll look at a selection of different fruits, bells, and gem symbols as you play.

Play for Free or for Real Money

This modern slot can be enjoyed in a demo mode for free or for real money, depending on what you're interested in. Play in Demo mode to learn how the features of the game work, and swap to playing with cash once you're familiar with the game and what it offers.

100 Fixed Paylines

The game has 100 different paylines, and each is always turned on. You have 100 opportunities to win with each spin as you play this game. That's good news if you want to win regularly, but you'll spend more money keeping the slot going than you would other games with fewer paylines.

Mid to High Wagering Options

There are medium to wagering options in this game, depending on the type of player you are. The lowest wager you can set is $1.00 per spin, which might be too high for some gamblers to play. The game goes up to $500.00 per spin, making it an ideal slot for high-rollers looking to wager thousands.

Medium Paytable Prizes

This slot offers a paytable that only goes up to 500x your wager amount. Since the upper wager limit is so high, it's possible to win some massive prizes from this game.

No Special Rounds

There aren't any special bonus rounds in this game, and you must get your wins from the prizes on the paytable and nothing else. This keeps the gameplay simple but gives you fewer features to watch for with each spin.

A Fair Slot Game

This slot is relatively fair to play compared to the others available today. The game returns more than 96% of the money from players as prize money, which gives gamblers respectable odds while they play.

Win Thousands

The maximum prize paid out from this game is 2500x your wager amount. That's a lot of cash when you have a large wager, and it's the type of prize you'll try to win each time you spin this slot.

Shining Hot 100 has the looks of a simple game and few actual bonus features, but it pays out regularly and creates a gambling environment that should appeal to many. Try the slot to see if you enjoy it, and then use it over time if it works for you.