Ducks'n'Eggs Slots

Prepare to have some serious fun in the pond of Ducks'n'Eggs Slots. This online video slot machine game creation from developer Pragmatic Play combines a lot of joy with generous cash win opportunities. At first glance, you might think it is a normal pond with cute looking ducks that you're seeing on the game screen, but there is certainly something fishy going on in this pool.

Angry looking frogs, invading alien ducks and even zombie ducks make this quirky bird themed slot title much more sinister than you might expect at first glance. But don't worry, because the whole game is presented to you in a funny, happy go lucky way, and symbols that might look scary first, will actually be very beneficial and helpful to you in the end.

Conveniently Play for Your Winnings at a Duck Invested Pond

The ducks in this game are leisurely swimming around on a 20 pay line pond with 5 reels and 3 rows. This pond is surrounded with reed and other greens. Therefore, it is a nice and cozy space to spin your fortunes, even though there seem to be some foreign and undead elements in this hidden nature spot that make it just a little bit more interesting than a usual pool of water.

The ducks in the pond look cute, and they happily quack along when you make your fortunes by lining them up. Common betting and game play adjustment elements, like the auto play button, the coin value adjusters and the bet per line adjusters, make it convenient to place bets and activate spins in a way that you deem the most convenient. Additionally, the information button can be used to look up game details and payouts.

Spin Around in a Pond of Funny Looking Ducks

The slot reel symbols in this game are a bunch of cute looking duckies in various colors and shapes. The blue ducky is the highest paying one as it will give you 750 credits for 5 hits. The pinkish looking duck is second in row, and hands out 600 credits for 5 hits. The orange and blue ducks close the row with respectively 500 and 400 credit rewards for 5 simultaneous slot reel spins.

Additionally, you will also get to spin a lot of eggs with card game markings written on them. Also, 3 symbols form the special perk set of this slot machine title. They are the big-eyed scatter alien duck, the scary zombie duck and the grumpy looking frog.

Beware of the Alien Scatter Ducks Who Bring Free Spins to the Earthly Pond

Beware of the alien scatter ducks in this game, because there are crazy things happening once they invade the reels. Luckily you don't really have to fear these strange ducks from outer space, because they bring many free spins rewards with them to earth.

Spin at least 3 alien ducks on any reel spot to claim your top reward of 25 complimentary spins. 25 is the highest amount of free spins that you can claim when 5 invading alien ducks appear on the reels. For 4 invaders, you will receive 20 free spins, and 3 of them will give away a reward of 15 extra slot reel spins.

Always Be on the Lookout for Zombie Duck Wild Attributes

The zombie duck might look a bit creepy at first, but you should definitely try to spin it on the reels as it is a helpful wild that can replace other unwanted symbols. Only the scatter and bonus logos are not replaceable by it.

Additionally, you can also win very juicy casino credits with the undead duck. Form a zombie horde of 5 on the reels, and you will get a very meaty reward of 5000 credits. The second highest credit reward is 750, and you get it for spinning this duck 4 times. 3 hits are good for 250 credits, and 2 hits leave you with a gift of 15 credits.

Spin Grumpy Looking Frogs That Give Away Bonus Credits and Put a Smile on Your Face

The frog in this game might look grumpy, but it surely will give you happy feelings when you spin it. It is after all connected to a joyful and lucrative bonus perk that can reward you with as much as 13800 bonus credits. In order to win bonus credits rewards, you need to spin a minimum of 3 frogs on the reels. The position of this symbol does not matter as long as it is placed on a pay line that is active.

The winning range of your bonus credit rewards depends on the amount of frog attributes that you will place on the reels. The maximum number of 3 frogs will hit you with a bonus point reward that will range from 10 to 920. The range becomes higher when you spin 4 frogs, because then you will have a chance to claim 30 to 2760 credits. The highest reward is given to you when you spin 5 frogs. The juicy credit reward range for this top spin is 50 to 4600.

Fun things will happen during the entertaining bonus round, because you will meet the beavers Earl, Bruno and Buster and experience a thrilling fishing contest that makes winning bonus credits even more enjoyable and entertaining.

Ducks'n'Eggs Slots Lets You Fish in a Deep Pond Full of Valuable Casino Credits

Experience a perfect sunny day at the virtual pond of Ducks'n'Eggs Slots, where a simple and relaxing fishing trip will suddenly turn into a way more strange and rewarding adventure that will catch you by surprise This wacky and quacky duck themed video slot game from Pragmatic Play can be enjoyed for free in the fun credits mode or for real in the cash mode. Spend your summer time with the ducks, and you will be able to fish in a deep pond of valuable casino credits.