Forest Frenzy Slots

Take a leisurely scroll through nature today and be amazed by the funny inhabitants of Forest Frenzy Slots. They look like animals, but they act and dress like humans. Therefore, you will see strange and unusual things like a squirrel with a bow tie and a sunbathing raccoon. It is kind of odd, but odd is what you get when you play this wacky five reel and three row video slot game from casino game developer Pragmatic Play.

So the theme of this game focuses on the lives of forest critters who have developed a rather eccentric taste for human clothes and human activities. If you like to go a bit nuts with your games, then this is the slot title you definitely have to try. Just like the nut hiding place of a squirrel during the winter period, this game is jam packed with large credit wins (up to a maximum of 20.000 points), special bonus features, free spins perks and symbol swapping wilds.

Charming Game Play and Design Elements

Forest Frenzy Slots is a funny, 25 pay line game that manages to charm as well as thrill and entertain you. The slot reel spinning action takes place in a cartoonish sketched forest that is invested by tree bark, mushrooms and acorns. The busy design looks very colorful, charming and detailed.

When you enter the woods, you will meet a lot of its human fashion savvy residents. These residents are the gopher with the bow tie, a beaver in an overall, a sunbathing raccoon and a squirrel with a waistcoat. Only the acorn savoring hamster seems to have missed the dress code memo, because he does not wear any clothes.

It will not be hard to create satisfying wins with this enjoyable slot title. To fully optimize the profit stream, it is possible to make some alternations to the game. For example, you can determine the number of win lines (1 to 25) with the help of a - and a + button. You can also adjust the coin bet size per win line. The coin value options in this game are $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $3.00 and $5.00. If you activate all of the 25 win lines and place a $5.00 bet on each of them, then you will end up with a total wager of 125 coins. This is of course a satisfying amount for if you're a high roller with a big budget. Furthermore, if you want to make the betting sequences a bit more convenient, then it is possible to use the auto play function and the bet max option.

Roam Around the Forest and Meet Its Inhabitants

Forest Frenzy Slots is a perfect game for dedicated forest dwellers, and most importantly for those who are looking for wild pine cones, delicious scatter acorn nuts and rare bonus triggering mushrooms. There are also other prime symbols in the game. The hidden letter K is the highest paying one, because it gives a staggering number of 4000 credits if you hit it 5 times on the reels. The letter Q follows next with a maximum payout of 800 casino credits. The letter J is third in line with a maximum payout of 400 coins.

The remaining reel symbols spots are occupied by the beaver in the overall (300 credits for 5 hits), the plain hamster with the nut (150 credits for 5 hits), the sunbathing raccoon (100 credits for 5 hits), the squirrel in the waistcoat (80 credits for 5 hits), and lastly, the gopher with the bow tie (60 credits for 5 hits).

Claim the Acorn Treasure Bonus Perk

Gather rare mushrooms on active win lines at slot reels two and three to launch the special bonus feature. In this feature, you can win between 20 and 900 bonus credits. The bonus round is called Acorn Treasure, and you need to crack acorns to reveal bonus points. The actual number of points varies, so make sure that you crack the right nut if you want to collect the biggest golden coin payout.

Gather Acorn Scatter Attributes

Acorns are a favorite treat for many forest critters. These animals like to gather them and so should you. Spin scatter acorns on slot reels one and five to win a total of 5 free spins. The lowest free spins reward is two. The bonus round and the free spins reward can be claimed at the same time. Lastly, your free spins payouts will be multiplied by the wager and they will be added to your win line payout.

Scavenge the Forest for Wild Pine Cones

While you are roaming around in the forest, you also want to be on the lookout for those precious and helpful pine cones, because they represent the wild symbol in this game. Pine cones can substitute all of the regular slot reel attributes but not the special scatter and bonus icons. Use them to complete your winning symbol combinations.

Go Completely Nuts With Forest Frenzy Slots

If you fancy a slot title with a forest theme that likes to give you a laugh as well as some good payouts, then Forest Frenzy Slots is definitely a game that should be on your list. Unlike a lot of forest themed games that focus on magical creatures and characters like for example fairies and dwarfs, this Pragmatic Play slot creation puts the spotlights on real critters that live in the woods. Although it has to be noted that the critters in this game tend to act like humans instead of animals.

If you're up for such an entertaining dose of wackiness and fun, then you can go completely nuts with this slot machine title that is on offer at various online casinos and game review websites. Play it completely for free at a fun demo version, or scatter some real coins from you hidden cash pile and wager them for profits during your playing sessions.