Gold Train Slots

All aboard because the money train has arrived. It takes you along on the track and brings you to lots of profitable destinations. The name of this thrilling new cash train is Gold Train Slots from developer Pragmatic Play. This video slot game has 3 reel carriages and 3 pay-line tracks that will take you to your golden destination. During the ride for profits you will have a chance to trigger the wild, and also the scatter progressive bonus in which every train carriage gives away a random reward.

Non-Feature Symbols on the Reels

Gold Train Slots has a small selection of non-feature symbols that give you pocket money rewards when you spin them on the reels in left to right combinations. Try to make three reel hits with these symbols in order to win the highest rewards. The reel attributes are a mix of classic slot game icons and train related logos.

A single bar is the lowest paying item on the pay table. Spin it three times in order to receive a 5 times the bet per pay-line multiplier. The multiplier reward for three double bar icons is 8, and it is 10 for the triple bar icon. A 15 times the bet per pay-line multiplier win lands in your bankroll if you spin the bell symbol three times, and the multiplier number is 20 if you make such a spin with the red and green flags. The conductor's hat is attached to maximum multiplier of 24, and the triple sevens icon to one of 30. In order to make higher wins, you should also try to place the special wild, scatter and upgrade icons on the game screen.

Spin Special Feature Symbols

A train icon brings the wild feature into the game. It takes over the spots of other non-feature symbols in combinations but it cannot replace the upgrade or scatter icon. Additionally, the wild also hands out a jackpot prize, which is a great 500 multiplier win. Besides the wild, there is also a scatter symbol. This symbol triggers the progressive bonus round when you land it at least three times on the reels.

Win More in the Progressive Bonus Round

The bonus round hands out a couple of random rewards that are represented by carriages from a train (a minimum of ten). Play the base game and try to hit the golden 'upgrade' symbol on slot reel three. It will then randomly hand out four to ten extra carriages for the following bonus round. You can try to add as many of these extra carriages as you can since they can come in limitless numbers. Carriages will bring along prizes during the game, but they can also bring along more upgrade symbols. Thus, these upgrade icons can continue to add four to ten extra carriages to the bonus round session.

Get on the Money Winning Track With Gold Train Slots

It is time to get on the money winning track with Gold Train Slots. Play this classic style train themed game on Pragmatic Play supporting casino platforms and fill train carriages full of golden coins. And if you're just want to play this online slot to enjoy the ride and not the cash winning destination, then you can also hop on board with a free ticket and play for fun.