Jumbo Joker Slots

Jumbo Joker is a colorful and fun classic slot game that’s themed after a joker character. This slot looks very confusing at first glance, but it’s surprisingly simple to play after you try it out a bit. From the time that you get started with this slot game you can potentially win some huge prizes and you’ll get used to the dual reel style of this slot game in no time at all.


Wagering in Jumbo Joker is simple and there are just a few options to consider. The coin value is the most important option and you can set the value from a low of $0.01 up to a high of $1.00. Other than that you have the bet amount meter. This will either bet set to 1 coin or 10 coins depending on which of the two low tier paytables you want to use while you play Jumbo Joker. The 1 bet uses the 1 table, the 10 bet uses the 10 table and it’s as simple as that.

Two Tier Slot

Jumbo Joker is a unique online slot game because it splits play up into two different tiers. There is the low stakes tier and the high stakes tier and you’ll make use of both of them to try and win as much cash as you can along the way. Any decent win that you get will move you up from the bottom reel to the top reel where you will be working with a larger paytable with much bigger wins. At the bottom level of this slot you can win a maximum of 200 coins with three joker symbols. At the 10 coin level of this slot you can win up to 400 coins with three joker symbols. At the third level of the slot at the second tier you can win up to 1,000 coins with three Joker symbols and at the very highest level you could win up to 2,000 coins with three joker symbols and a maximum wager. That’s why you want to win as often as possible so you can move up to the higher meters instead of spinning on the low meter.

Moving up to Higher Pay Tables

To get to the higher pay tables you need to earn it. You can play on the 1 or 10 pay table just based on yoru wager size. With the minimum wager you will be on the 1 table. With a maximum wager amount you will be on the 10 table. From there you need to win at the reels to earn credit for the bigger tables. Win at least 20 and you can play on the 20 table one time. Win at least 40 and you can play on the 40 table one time. If you click spin after winning you will automatically play on a bonus table. If you select collect you will take your winnings and remain on the low stakes table that you’ve been playing on all along, but you won’t have to pay the increased cost that the jumbo tiers cost.

Auto Play

Jumbo Joker comes with a simple auto play feature that lets you choose your wager amount as well as the number of rounds that you want the game to play on its own. Configure this feature and you’ll have the reels turning through one round after another without having to press spin at all. This cool feature can be turned off at any point by pressing the stop button, but the game doesn’t have any sort of jackpot stop feature built in like some other slot games do for auto play.

Jumbo Joker is a lot of fun and a very profitable online slot game potentially if you get lucky enough. With prize payouts as high as 2,000 coins per spin you could walk away with thousands of dollars in extra cash from a few good wins.