Double Sixteen Slots

Double Sixteen slot is a unique game made by Betsoft. It has the look of a classic slot, but is much more complex than what you would expect from a standard classic slot game. For that reason we just had to review the game, and you’ll definitely want to read our review before you decide if you want to test this slot out for yourself or not.

Unique Wagering Setup

While many slot games give you the chance to change all the different wagering options to get a bet level that you are comfortable with, things aren’t quite as straightforward with Double Sixteen. Instead of changing around paylines and wager amounts per line, you have four flat options to choose from. Bet 5, bet 10, bet 15 and Bet 20. You can choose any of those options and that will determine what sort of prizes that you can unlock. Bet either of the top two wager amounts and you’ll gain access to both sets of reels in this slot game. Wager the lower wager amounts and you’ll play on the bottom reel only.

Two Slots in One

From the very beginning of this slot game you’ll notice something quite odd. There are literally two different slot games in one! This slot appears quite complicated at first glance because you’re actually looking at two different reels, but once you get used to the features of the slot it will become comfortable and simple. With that said, this slot is a bit more complicated than many others, and you should prepare to spend some time getting used to the game before you really begin to enjoy what it has to offer in terms of gameplay.

Small But Frequent Payouts

The prize payouts of this slot game are worth between 200 and 80 coins at the high end. These are quite small compared to many slot games that you’ll try today, but that doesn’t mean that Double Sixteen isn’t worth testing. The payouts come fast and they come regularly and you’ll get used to winning many smaller payouts from this slot game as you go through one round after another.

Simple Symbols

Double Sixteen is designed to look like a classic slot game, even if it is a bit more advanced than many you’re likely to try. For that reason it is rich with fruit symbols as well as BAR symbols. While you play the game you’ll see pretty standard symbols, which is comforting for some gamblers, while others would prefer more variety. If you want a pretty standard looking slot game to play, you’ll enjoy the way that Double Sixteen looks.

Single Payline Wins

Even though there are two different sets of reels, you still get minimal paylines to work with. There are a total of 40 paylines, with 20 lines on each of the reels. These paylines follow simple lines and you won’t get any of the crazy zig zag paylines that you get with some of the higher line slot games. 40 paylines seems like a lot until you consider that this game has two different reels for you to play on. Pay close attention to the pay table while playing, and you’ll quickly start picking out prize winning combinations as they show up on any of the active paylines.

Double Sixteen slot is a confusing game, but it can be rewarding as well. It’s a good match for gamblers that like the look of classic slot games but want something a bit more interesting to play around with. It takes time to get to know this slot game, which helps it remain interesting for longer. If you are after a more unique slot experience, this is the game to try out.