5 Lions Slots

5 Lions is a newly released online slot game by Octopus Gaming that promises an interesting blend of beautiful graphics and exciting features. The slot game is based on a series of five different lions that are all different colors. From the moment that you begin playing this slot you’ll see that it’s a dynamic game with many ways to win and that some of the unique symbols make it worth testing out at least once.

Varied Betting Options

Five lions doesn’t have traditional paylines, but the slot game still makes it possible for players to wager a wide variety of amounts depending on what they are comfortable risking. Whether you have a smaller bankroll, or you have serious money to burn, you can have a lot of fun with this online slot game if you give it a try. Think about testing out Five Lions and you’ll have enough options to keep things comfortable for you the entire time you play the game.

243 Ways to Win

With a total of 243 different ways to win, you have a lot to look forward to with Five Lions. This online slot game gives you plenty of winning opportunities and you’ll be turning over prize after prize as you spin through the reels of the game. With so many different ways to win the prizes tend to be smaller, but you’ll unlock them frequently so that you always have something to expect as you play.

Beautiful Graphics

It should go without saying that this brand-new slot game is beautiful to look at. While it does rely on the standard card symbols that so many other slots use as well, the slot also works in some more interesting symbols that keep things exciting. Each of the symbols is very well done and from the minute that you start playing the slot you’ll have a bunch of nice graphics to look at.

Mobile Support

Mobile gambling is more popular than ever before and you can enjoy this new slot game on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer. The slot is designed to play smoothly on smaller screens and it will load right in the web browser of your device without issue. If you are interested in playing Five Lions, you don’t have to limit your experience to just full-sized devices.

Advanced Features

To make the slot game as user-friendly as possible it includes some advanced features like autoplay and rapid bet selectors. This makes it fast and easy to set your bet amount and it makes it easy to go through a large number of rounds when you’re trying to win high jackpot payouts.

Five Lions looks to be an excellent slot game with a lot of features, some nice prize payouts and beautiful graphics. It’s sure to be a leading slot and will captivate players looking for something a bit more detailed to play.