Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

There are very few casino games that surprise us today, but Max Quest Wrath of Ra did. It’s an arcade-style casino game, and it has the feel of a modern-day video game packed into a browser window. You are tasked with taking out enemies and gathering new supplies to use in your endeavors in this game. The game is very different compared to most casino games, and that’s certainly a good thing in our opinions. We break down how the game works down below and explain what you can expect when you play it.

An RPG Experience

From the moment that you get started with this casino game it will be obvious that it’s unlike most that you’ve ever played in the past. That’s because it’s a more custom experience and it’s an arcade gaming experience. In Max Quest Wrath of Ra you customize your character before you get started playing. Not only that, but you play in a room with other players, which is very different than most other slot games. Once you have your character designed and you choose the room that you want to play in, you can begin playing this unique online game and experience all the different features that it has to offer you.

Shoot to Win

The object of this online game is to fire off rounds at the enemies and kill as many of them as you can. Each enemy that you kill pays out a different amount of money depending on what it is. The little bugs are worth a small amount, while the walking skeletons or mummies are worth larger amounts, and special bosses are worth even more money. You are trying to win as much money as you can during the rounds of this game so that you can continue on to the later stages of the game. The more money you earn the easier it is to get to the more lucrative rounds of this bonus game.

Purchasing Supplies

While you are playing this game it is up to you to purchase the supplies that you need to continue on throughout the rounds. You can buy bullets and additional weapons to use on the enemies that you come up against. These all cost real money though, so be careful not to spend too much or you’ll need to do significant damage during the following round just to make up for the money that you spent getting ready for it. Choose your weapons wisely, stock up on just the right amount of ammunition and try to win as much as possible as you go from one round to the next of Max Quest Wrath of Ra.

Taking Down Key Targets

There are special glowing targets in this game that are worth more than the rest of the targets. These are the targets that you want to aim for above all the rest. These are the targets that will make you the most money and they are the ones that you should be firing on with help from your teammates. These targets are difficult to take out, which is why it is so important to work together to try and remove them from the game.

Utilizing Crate Bonuses

During the rounds of this game crates will drop down onto the ground and the first person that breaks them open will enjoy the onus inside. Often, it’s a small bit of cash, but sometimes you get a weapon or ammo bonus from the crate. Break open as many crates as you can and you’ll enjoy more ways to win cash as you play this slot game.

Working as a Team

Since special targets are worth more than the others, it’s important to try and take them out as a team. You will be partnered with several other players that are all trying to win as much money as possible as well. It’s up to all of you to take out the most important targets and to walk away with as much cash as you can. Focus fire those key points and work out a strategy so that you are killing as many of the enemies as you can with your bullets. This is the only way that you are going to be successful while playing Max Quest Wrath of Ra. This game is unique, it’s a lot of fun and it’s certainly a skill-based experience, which is exactly why it’s worth playing if you want something different.

Overall, Max Quest Wrath of Ra is a unique gaming experience and a lot of fun to play. It’s something that you should try at least once to decide if you like it or not. You will go through one round after the next of this special game trying to come away with the biggest wins possible, and you could end up with some substantial prizes as a result. Give it a try and you might have found your new favorite casino game.