Agent Valkyrie Slots

Agent Valkyrie is an online slot game themed after a secret agent. From the moment that you begin playing this slot it’s up to you to try and outsmart the criminals while unlocking the best prize payouts that you possibly can. There is a lot at stake while you play through the rounds of this slot, so play carefully and hope for the best possible outcome as you do.

Selecting a Wager Amount

To get the most comfortable play conditions possible, carefully choose a wager amount that you’re comfortable with. The pay lines active are fixed so that you can’t adjust them up or down, but the line value can be changed up or down to get you a comfortable wager amount with each spin that you take in this slot game. There are 25 fixed paylines overall, and you can wager a minimum of $0.25 and much more than that with a raised line value.

Vibrant Symbols

Agent Valkyrie stood out to us because of the bright and well-drawn symbols that show on the reels. Sure there are some boring card symbols, but all of the special made symbols are beautifully made and really add life to the slot game.

The Coin Features

Agent Valkyrie has three different special coin features that you can trigger any time that you play the game. While spinning the reels, there is a chance that a gold coin will show above one of the three central reels. When it does, it’s collected up above that specific reel to count toward activating the special bonus for that reel. Once three coins are collected for that reel you get the bonus that’s tied to it.

Reel 2 transforms itself entirely into wild symbols when you get three coins above it, greatly increasing your chance at unlocking prize payouts. Reel three will make wilds randomly land across the different reels of this slot game, helping you win payouts more regularly and really upping the cash that you can get from this slot. Reel four will transform criminal symbols and hold them in position for a full turn after, giving you more wilds and better chances to win again.

Free Spins

If you manage to get three or more compass symbols on any one spin of Agent Valkyrie, you’ll unlock the special free spin bonus round. This round gives you between 7 and 15 free spins depending on the total number of compass symbols that you get. During the free spin round you can enjoy random coin features occurring with each spin that you make, or you can set the specific features that you want to occur for each of your spins. Either way, you’ll enjoy help from coin bonuses with each of your free spins.

Agent Valkyrie isn’t’ going to appeal to everyone, but this nice looking slot has a lot of promise. It offers some cool features for you to take advantage of, including the three coin features and the powerful free spin bonus. Between these features and the excellent graphics there is quite a bit to enjoy about playing this slot game.