Da Vinci’s Treasure Slots

Uncover an ancient mystery that involves Leonardo Da Vinci and the many different pieces of artwork that he created in this fun and interactive online slot game, Da Vinci’s Treasure. The slot has a very appealing theme that immediately drew us in, and it offers a good blend of features that made us happy that we decided to review it. After a bit of

Huge Wagering Potential

It’s possible to wager between $0.25 and $125 per spin in this slot game, giving you a very nice range to work within as you decide how much you want to risk per spin. If you’re going to play the slot game, it’s important to take the time and choose a wager you are comfortable with. Coin values can be set at between $0.01 and $0.50 each. You can wager between 1 and 10 coins on each line, giving you the total range that you have to work with.

Big Win Potential

In Da Vinci’s Treasure you can win up to 48,000x your line bet. That’s a whole lot of cash to win and can make the slot game more exciting to play. A top win could net you as much as $24,000 on a single spin for a one coin wager, or up to $240,000 with a ten coin wager. To unlock this top prize payout you need to get wild symbols across the entire screen at once. That’s something we haven’t managed to do yet, but some players have in the past so it’s certainly possible!

Four Possible Bonus Rounds

If you manage to collect three or more of the bonus icon symbols while you are playing this slot game, you’ll trigger a special bonus round. There are three different potential bonus rounds and one will be chosen for you at random. There’s a Map Quest bonus and a prize picker feature.

The Map Quest Bonus

During the special map quest feature you will be taken through 23 different points and given a chance to win a prize at each one of them. At the very end there is a wheel that spins to determine your total final prize. This exciting bonus feature gives you a lot to look forward to and will leave you wondering what sort of prizes you’ll unlock by the end.

The Prize Picker Bonsu

In this bonus you will be tasked with choosing one of the three bonus options. Just one of these options actually has a prize so it is up to you to choose carefully.

A Powerful Free Spin Feature

If you’re fortunate enough to unlock the free spin round of Da Vinci’s Treasure, you will enjoy increasing multipliers for every spin that you go through. You can get up to a 60x multiplier on your spin, giving you a chance to trigger some seriously good prize payouts. We try and play the slot game long enough to trigger the free spin round once before stopping every time, because it’s that good.

Gamble for Bigger Wins

Any wins that you get in this slot game can be multiplied between 2x and 5x depending on what sort of risk you want to take. Simply gamble your winnings and hope for a winning outcome. The gamble feature of this slot game is unique and gives it an interesting feel. Instead of flipping a coin or choosing a card, you open chests in this game’s feature.