The Great Chicken Escape Slots

The Great Chicken Escape is a newer slot game developed by Pragmatic Play the well-known software development company. This game stands out due to its quirky graphics and it’s dynamic gameplay. Below is our honest review of the slot game and a look at all the different features that it has to offer. Interested gamblers can quickly learn whether the game is worth playing or not by taking a look at it.

A Unique Gambling Experience

The Great Chicken Escape is a newer online slot that offers a pretty unique wagering experience. It’s a clean five-reel slot game with charming graphics, lively sounds and it offers a fun wagering experience overall. Interested gamblers will be happy to hear that the game is widely available to play, and that it’s a good slot to start with even for the inexperienced.

Created By Pragmatic Play Developers

This slot game was created by Pragmatic Play, an innovative software development company known for creating dynamic slot experiences. The games made by the company are always rich in terms of their graphics, but also designed to be entertaining and unique in some way as well. That means interesting bonus rounds and unexpected features that aren’t available through other developers.

Give it a Try Through Demo Play

Every single player can try out this slot game without having to spend any money on it. That’s because the Great Chicken Escape is available through a demo play mode at most online casinos. That means that any players that would like to test out the game to see if they like its features can o so simply by visiting a site that offers the game, clicking on it and pressing Demo Play. By doing those things a gambler can very easily try out the slot game and see how its features compare to other options available today.

A Chicken Prison Camp Theme

The Great Chicken Escape isn’t your everyday barnyard slot game. This slot is much more unique than that. Instead of chickens trying to break out of a coop, you have a set of chicken’s trying to make their way out of a prison camp complete with guard dogs that are focused on keeping them contained. It’s up to the chickens to tunnel their way to safety in this unique and highly entertaining slot experience, and it’s the character and the unique thought that went into this slot that makes it so enjoyable to play around with.

Simple but Complex in One

This slot game is designed to be simple and accessible to gamblers the very first time they play it. There are very few options to choose from out on the screen, and players will understand the different prize payouts if they manage to win as well. With that said, this slot game can be pretty complicated. There are many different special bonus features that can be unlocked and there are more advanced feature-sets for players to make use of after they get used to playing the standard slot game. For long-term players this slot is complex enough to keep them interested.

A Modern Video Slot Game

The Great Chicken Escape is very much a modern video slot game complete with five animated reels. The game showcases beautiful animations and a range of entertaining characters, but it does so while offering gamblers a variety of bonus opportunities for them to exploit. There are several different special bonus features that can be unlocked by fortunate gamblers, and it’s these features that really make the slot worth playing.

20 Always on Paylines

In the Great Chicken Escape there are a total of 20 paylines that are always on each time that you spin the reels. That means you’ll be wagering on 20 different positions all the time. For that reason your minimum wager amount is a bit higher than many other slot games, but the minimum is still reasonable enough for most low-stakes gamblers to be comfortable playing the game as well.

A Good Mix of High and Low Wagering Options

While playing this slot game the most important decision for you to make is how much you wager per spin. It’s possible to bet high or low depending on how much money you are willing to risk overall. Your bet amount can be adjusted in a few different ways. Adjust the value of your line coins up or down between $0.01 and $0.50 each and choose the number of coins per line between 1 and 10 each. By changing up those two values you can wager between $0.20 per spin and $100 per spin depending on your risk tolerance. This is an important decision and a choice that will determine how much you can win and lose and how fast you’ll go through your bankroll as well.

Modest Prize Payouts

This slot game has modest prize payouts as shown by the paytable. It’s possible to win as much as 25x your total wager amount by getting five of the logo symbols across one of the 20 paylines that are active with every spin. The next best prize is 15x your total wagered amount which you can unlock with two different symbol combinations, followed by 10x your total wagered amount available from three different symbol combinations. These prizes are exciting to win, but much smaller than what some other slot games have to offer. This would be a real issue, but the slot offers so many different bonuses that it’s still worth playing around with.

Random Bonus Features

This slot has a series of random bonus features that can be triggered at any point while you spin the reels. These random spin features award wilds that increase payouts and that stack up, as well as a special golden egg symbol that transforms into other special symbols. These random spin features give you more chances to uncover high-paying symbols and should help keep the wins pouring in for far longer as you play through the rounds.

Five Different Bonus Rounds

There are five different bonus features that you can unlock all with the special Bonus symbol. Getting three or four of the bonus symbols on the reel will trigger one of the five different bonus options at random, and getting five Bonus symbols will trigger the Big Money Bonus feature right away. These special bonus games are what make the Great Chicken Escape worth playing. The games have you picking different tunnels to go through, different golden eggs to open up, barrels to collect from and more to try to uncover the very best prizes. This set of bonus games is fun to play with because they give you options to choose, and because one bonus often leads to another. It’s possible to unlock several different bonuses in a row while playing this slot game, which can lead to some seriously impressive prize payouts.

A Respectable RTP

With some slot games having an RTP (Return to Player) of just 93% or less, it’s pretty impressive to see a slot like this one with an RTP of 96.5%. With that figure this slot game is one of the higher-paying options available today and certainly worth spending some time with. The game is simple to play and gamblers have a real opportunity to come away with profits in the end as well. That’s what makes it worth playing.

Our Rating for the Game

We were very impressed by The Great Chicken Escape when testing it out. For that reason we gave the game a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. We took a portion of the score away because the slot game doesn’t pay out very much during the standard rounds, but the powerful bonus features make up for that issue. There

Combination Winners

There are some gamblers that win big on this slot game, but they don’t do it the same way that other players do when winning big on a slot. Instead, they win a series of many smaller prize payouts to equal an impressive win. That’s because the individual prize payouts in this slot aren’t that impressive at all. Instead, the big winners need to get many small prize wins in a row or at the same time to come away with an impressive win. This happens occasionally and there are some lucky players that walk away with an impressive payout in the end.

Play for Fun or for Real Money Easily

Whether gamblers just want to try out this slot game, or they want to risk real money in pursuit of impressive reward payouts, it’s possible to do either one simply and easily. That’s because the slot game makes it very easy for players to run the game in fun mode or in real money mode. Gamblers can very easily open up the slot game in Demo Mode just to try things out without risking any real money at all simply by pressing on Demo Mode at a casino. For the players that don’t mind risking real money, they simply need to register to the casino, make a real money deposit and then start playing the game. This often only takes a few minutes to do.

Excellent Mobile Support

Mobile gambling is quickly becoming the favorite way to wager at online casinos. The Great Chicken Escape is an excellent wagering option for that reason. Players can play around with the slot game on their home computer, but can also bring it with them on the go using a smartphone or tablet as well. This slot game is made to run well on a wide range of devices, and runs in a web browser so it should work on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many Blackberry devices as well.

The Great Chicken Escape is a highly entertaining slot game and an option for gamblers interested in trying something new. If you’re looking for a slot game with character, this is the one to try out. Sure it might not offer the big wins that other slot games do, but there are some real opportunities for combination wins worth trying for.