John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure Slots

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is all about a rugged explorer journeying through the lush forests in Mexico while searching for Ancient Aztec treasure. The game showcases bright and vivid colors and graphics, while giving gamblers a chance to unlock some excellent wins. Below is our complete review of the slot and all that it offers gamblers. Take a moment to get to know the different benefits and features of the game, then decide if it’s the right slot game for you or not.

A Pragmatic Play Title

Pragmatic Play, the developer of this explorer slot game, is known for its beautiful slot games and excellent feature blends. This slot stands out because of its looks, and that’s common with many other games from the company as well. With games like Super Joker, Vampires Vs. Wolves and Hot Chilli, each slot offered by Pragmatic Play is full of life and personality.

Demo Play is Available at Most Casinos

Like most of the Pragmatic Play titles, John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is available through Demo Play at most casinos that the game is available on. That means that players can easily test out the different features of the game and get a good feel for what sort of bonuses it offers to pay out as well. New players can get familiar with the slot without spending any of their money, and that’s a big bonus to low-stakes gamblers that want to preserve their bankroll while picking out slot games.

An Indiana Jones Theme

Anyone familiar with the Indiana Jones films will recognize that this slot game has a very similar theme to it. It’s all about a tough explorer uncovering the mysteries of the Aztec people and uncovering some impressive treasure along the way, or at least we hope! The slot looks really nice and every symbol of the game helps support that explorer theme.

Colorful and Cartoony Game Design

What makes this slot game stand out from all the others with a similar theme is how well this one is put together. All the symbols on the reels are bright, colorful and vividly created to stand out. Not only do they all look nice, but they contrast with one another to make the unique symbols stand out with each spin that you make. This slot game almost has a neon look to it and we love everything about its design. It also manages to be laid out simply and highly accessible for new players looking to get started with it.

A Video Slot Game

While there are no progressive jackpots available with this slot game, it comes with high-paying features and dynamic bonuses. There’s a free spin bonus round, high-paying static jackpots and a wild symbol that increases the frequency of wins while playing this game. All these modern features make the slot into a video slot game and into a source of entertainment that most gamblers will enjoy.

Locked Paylines

There are 20 paylines in this slot game and they are always activated. Gamblers can’t wager too low of an amount because of this. Having 20 active paylines at all time does help increase the frequency of prize payouts for gamblers though, and helps to make the game more upbeat and exciting though.

Lots of Betting Options

There are ample wagering options to choose from while playing John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure. Gamblers can adjust the total bet multiplier between 1 and 10 coins per line. They can also adjust the coin value between $0.01 and $0.50 per coin. This results in a total wager amount between $0.20 and $100.00 per spin of the reels. That’s a decent range for most players and certainly something to get excited about as well.

A Modest Paytable

There aren’t any huge wins in this slot game, which means that players will have to rely on combinations of wins rather than high-value payouts. The highest win that can be had during the base game is worth just $400.00 which isn’t all that much compared to other slot games available today. Luckily, prize-winning combos are common and there’s a free spin bonus round that offers players a chance to get some very nice payouts.

No Bonus Round

There is no special bonus round in this slot game other than the free spin round. While outside of the free spins players will have to rely on the standard symbol combinations to win prizes. This can make the slot feel a bit slow, but it’s possible to walk away with some nice prize wins anyway.

Excellent Free Spin Opportunities

There are many different ways to win big from the free spin rounds in this slot game. Serious gamblers can walk away with up to 25 free spins with some help from the bonus symbol while playing. Getting three or more of the symbols during the base round of the game will give you between 5 and 25 free spins depending on luck and the number of bonus symbols in position. Throughout the free spin bonus round, there will be a random multiplier between 2x and 10x in size, which will make this round very exciting to play through. The free spin round is the time to really build up those prize payouts and it’s the time that most gamblers will look forward to the most overall.

Operates at a Generous RTP

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure offers players an RTP of 96.5% every single round that they play through. That’s good enough to make it better than many other slot games on the market today, and it means that gamblers have a chance for some decent wins and payouts as well.

Our Honest Rating

We give John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure a total overall rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. The game is exciting and dynamic and offers a very generous free spin bonus round. It looks absolutely gorgeous and makes us want to come back to play it again and again. The only real downside to this slot game is its lack of a bonus round and the small prize payouts during the standard rounds of the game.

Combination Winning Opportunities

The base game of this slot offers mediocre prize payouts at best, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t worth playing. Many gamblers unlock combo prize payouts during the base game and even more get big winning combinations during the free spin bonus round. With up to 25 free spins consecutively, it’s possible to win huge during the free spin round with a bit of luck.

Play for Fun or for Real Money Conveniently

Whether gamblers want to try out this slot game for free or they want to start playing with real money immediately, it’s easy to get full value out of this slot game from the very beginning. There is a demo mode available for the players that want to test out the game without spending anything. The moment that players want to start playing for real money they can change things up and register and make a deposit to start playing for real. Either way, it’s easy to unlock serious benefits from this slot game.

Works on Most Mobile Devices

This slot will work on most mobile devices that you try to play it on today. It’s designed to run right in a web browser, and it will work in the browser of smartphones and tablets as well. Players interested in trying out the game while on the go will enjoy how compatible it is with most products that you own today. Load up the slot and try it while on the go to see just how versatile the game really is.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is an iconic slot game with a stunning set of graphics and features. It’s fun to play, it offers more than enough benefits to the players looking for fast-paced wagering fun, and it’s just a good game overall. Test it out for yourself to see just how much it has to offer.