Vegas Magic Slots

Vegas Magic is an online slot that’s themed after magicians in Las Vegas and the mysterious performances that they put on. There’s a lot to love about this slot game, starting with the appearance. This slot stands out because of its looks on the surface, and once you sit down to play it you’ll start noticing additional little perks that make it stand out too. We enjoyed putting together the review for Vegas Magic and we’ll detail exactly why that is down below.

Bright and Vibrant

It’s impossible not to notice just how bright and colorful Vegas Magic is when you begin playing it. That’s the very first thing that we noticed about this slot game. It looks magical even before you start spinning the reels. There are many different magic-themed symbols such as a flying dove, a leaping tiger, a magician’s hat, a magician, rings and of course all the traditional card symbols but with a nice colorful appearance.

A Good Wagering Range

The moment that you begin playing this sot you’ll want to choose a wager amount that you can keep going comfortably. There are a total of 20 paylines and you can wager between 1 and 10 coins on each of those lines. You can adjust your coin value from a low of $0.01 to a high of $0.50 each. That means that you can effectively wager a minimum of $0.20 and a maximum of $100.00 with each of your spins depending on the different options that you have selected. That’s a nice range to work with and it should be good enough for most players interested in testing it out.

Tumbling Symbols Offer Major Win Potential

One of our favorite features of Vegas Magic are the tumbling symbols. Each time you get a winning combination of symbols, those symbols disappear with a poof and new symbols come in to take their place. When that occurs the multiplier goes up and if you get another winning combination from the new symbols you’ll win a prize payout times the current multiplier. This can continue for as long as new winning symbols fall into position after the old ones are removed. It’s possible to chain together several wins in a row during a single spin because of this feature, and it’s quite common if you get a win that involves many different symbols at once.

Expanding Wilds

The male magician symbol serves as the wild in this slot and will take the place of everything other than the scatter. This symbol shows up on the central three reels and will expand to take up the entire reel if you can create a winning combination using that symbol. It will remain in position for any tumbling symbols and can lead to chains of prize payouts after.

Solid Prize Payouts

You have a chance for some exciting prize payout if you’re fortunate enough to get the right symbols while playing Vegas Magic. During the standard rounds of the game the scatter symbol is by far the most profitable and can result in a prize payout worth 500x your entire wager amount or up to $50,000 if you can get five of the symbols across your reels. Next after the scatter is the magician symbol and she is worth up to 150x your total wager amount when you get five on the same payline. After her the prizes decrease dramatically and the next best win you can get comes from the tiger symbol which can pay out up to 12.5x your entire wager amount. The dove symbol is worth the same, and the hat symbol is worth just 5x your total wager amount if you can get five of them.

An Advanced Autoplay Feature

Vegas Magic offers a powerful autoplay function that will allow you to go through up to 100 spins without pressing the spin button at all. Just open up Autoplay and select the number of spins, the speed you want, and any stop conditions to make sure that you’re only playing in ideal conditions. This feature makes it possible to walk away and let the game continue to play, or to go through a bunch of spins while sitting right in front of your device if you don’t want to deal with pressing the spin button yourself.

Adjusting the Speed of the Game

Vegas Magic can be played at three different speeds depending on what sort of gambler you are. If you want to make the game last as long as possible and really enjoy each spin that you go through you will want to leave the speed settings at the normal level. If you are interested in wagering at a slightly faster rate, but don’t want to rush through your spins too much the Quick Spin speed would be a better option for you. Finally, there is the Turbo Spin feature that will change reel positions almost instantly. This feature is excellent for going through dozens or hundreds of spins rapidly and is best for players that want to go through spins as fast as possible and don’t care about the animations at all.

Vegas Magic is a beautiful slot game that adds in some very nice features to make standard gameplay a lot more enjoyable. Sure, there aren’t any special bonus rounds, but with the tumble feature and the expanding wilds you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to win big as you go through one spin after another. We didn’t miss bonus rounds while playing this slot game and still came away with some exciting prize payouts as well.