Leprechaun Song Slots

Have you ever heard the sweet song of the Leprechaun? Neither have we, but you just might be singing a song after unlocking some seriously good wins while playing Leprechaun Song. This online slot game from Pragmatic Play is bright, it's cheerful and packs some cool features to keep the gambling experience light and fun filled.

There are Giant Symbols

This modern slot game features giant symbols that can show up during one of the special bonus games. These symbols appear across different sets of reels and can lead to some seriously good prizes depending on the symbols that show up as giant.

Random Wilds

On every single spin that you make in Leprechaun Song you have a chance of transforming some of the symbols into wilds. Some of the symbols on the reels will just randomly transform themselves, giving you bigger and better chances of unlocking prize payouts. Watch for all the golden symbols to show up on the reels after a spin, and when they do you know you're in for some excellent prize combinations.

Turbo Spin

This slot has the Turbo Spin feature, allowing you to skip all the spinning animations and to go through dozens of spins per minute. Simply hold the space bar down as you spin, or press the turbo button on mobile devices. This will turn the reel rapidly and give you the results in a split second. Keep using the feature to get through lots of rounds fast, or stop using it if you want to slow down your gameplay and really savor every wager that you make in Leprechaun Song.

The Scatter Nudge Feature

You can unlock some pretty cool bonus features with scatter symbols, and this slot game does its best to help you do just that. If you only manage to get two scatter symbols you've missed out on the bonus rounds by a single scatter. You shouldn't give up just yet though. You can actually still get the bonus game because there is a special feature that actually nudges other reels down to give you a chance at additional scatters. Sometimes the game will nudge a scatter into view and lead you to the special bonus round.

Triggering Random Bonuses

There are two different random bonus games that you can trigger by getting three or more of the scatter symbols. The first is Free Spins Picker and the scond is Coin Collector. In Free Spins Picker you begin with 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier. You pick from some of the mushrooms on the reels to reveal different additions to these base bonuses. You can reveal additional free spins and higher multipliers by picking the right mushrooms.

In Coin Collector you'll be going through 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier to start, but things can get better over time. You can pick up coins and unlock additional prize opportunities as you go. Get five coins and you'll move up to a 3x multiplier and get 5 additional free spins. It's possible to go all the way up to a 6x multiplier and you can keep getting five additional spins for every five coins that you get while going through this bonus round.

Leprechaun Song is a feature-rich online slot game with a whole lot to offer. You'll love the different prizes that you can win from this game, and with a bit of dedication you can walk away with some serious wins. Even if you don't win big, you'll still have a lot of fun with this slot.