Madame Destiny Slots

Madame Destiny is an online slot game themed after a mysterious fortune teller. From the moment that you get started with this online slot you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful symbols and the deep dark and highly animated background. The slot is beautiful to look at, but looks don’t make up a game. We did a full review on this slot game and put together the results for you to look at. Read through everything that we have to say down below to figure out if this slot game is for you or not.

Placing a Bet

If you decide to play Madame Destiny you’ll need to pick a wager amount that you want to go with. This will determne how much it costs per spin of the reels, and also what sort of prizes you can potentially win. At the low end you can bet as little as $0.01 per spin with just a single payline active and the minimum bet in place. At the high end you can wager up to $50.00 per spin, with all the paylines active and a maximum wager of $0.50 per coin. Most players won’t have a problem choosing an amount somewhere between the two extremes, but if you want to bet more than the maximum you may have a problem with this slot game.

Highly Volatile

Madame Destiny is a highly volatile online slot game that will leave you with large prizes and small prizes infrequently. If you want something exciting and unpredictable, this slot game is the one for you. If you are looking for a safer slot with small but regular wins, you may not enjoy the experience of playing this online slot.

Oracle Multiplier

Madame Destiny comes with a powerful wild symbol that can help you win even bigger and better prizes than you would otherwise get on your own. From the slot game you can double any prize that you win when you make use of the oracle symbol when completing the prize. This wild will help you trigger more prize payouts and will double their value as well, so you’ll definitely want to watch out for them.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

Madame Destiny has a free spin bonus round that you can unlock if you are fortunate enough to get three or more scatter symbols. Do that and you’ll be looking at 15 free spins during that special bonus round. It’s possible to trigger another 15 free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols during your first set of free spins as well. What’s even better is that you can trigger additional spins again and again without a limit if you are lucky enough.

During the free spin round any prize payout that you unlock is tripled in size. The biggest wins are highly valuable during this round and you could find yourself winning as much as $135,000 if you get five of the oracle symbols during this special round of the game with a maximum wager. That’s a huge potential prize payout and certainly something to celebrate.

Madame Destiny is a top quality online slot with just enough features to make it worth playing. Not only do you get the multiplier wild, but you also get a free spin game and some really excellent graphics. The game looks nice and is a lot of fun and is certainly worth testing out.