Fortunium Slots

Fortunium is a futuristic looking slot game with a steampunk theme and a unique reel layout. From the moment that you set your eyes on the slot you’ll be intrigued by how it looks and the way that it seems to run. The slot itself is floating over top of a futuristic city backdrop and you have a very simple layout while you play the slot. We were impressed with the look of the game, but knew that we had to test out all the features as well. Read through our complete review to learn more about what this slot game has to offer you.

Wagering Flexibility

There’s a good bit of flexibility available to you when you play Fortunium. You are free to wager as little as $0.10 per spin when you play this slot. If that’s not enough for you, you are free to raise your wager to much higher levels as well. Bump the settings all the way up to $125 for bigger winning opportunities from this slot game.

Light Up Winning Symbols

It’s very easy to spot when you have a winning combination of symbols in Fortunium because they will all light up for you. Get the right combination of symbols on the reels and they will all begin glowing, pointing out exactly where you won the prize money from. This is a helpful feature to help you understand why you won cash and to help you get more comfortable with the paylines as well.

Unique Reels Setup

Fortunium has a unique layout compared to many other slot games that you’ll play today. It uses a 5x5 grid for its five reels, so instead of just three rows you get a full five to capture wins from. That doesn’t mean a whole lot to most gamblers, other than that you can get a full 40 paylines while keeping things pretty clear and easy to understand. Still, it’s nice seeing all those symbols while you’re spinning the reels and you’ll likely get attached to the wider form-factor than what you would get from most other slot games.

Win Big

It’s possible to win as much as 800 times your total stake while playing Fortunium. In order to do this you will need to win the jackpot payout during the free spin bonus round of the game, but it’s still possible to win a huge amount of cash on a single spin with enough luck.

The Win Booster

Fortunium has a special Win Booster feature that will increase the number of wins that you get while playing the game. That means that you can enjoy more frequent wins from the slot as you play, but you will pay to have the feature active. In order to make use of this feature you need to pay an extra 50% per spin. That means if you play for $1.00 normally, you will spend $1.50 per spin with this feature enabled. The Win Booster increases the number of bonuses that are activated so that you can experience more bonuses and hopefully win more frequently as well.

Free Spins

When you land three or more scatter symbols you’ll trigger the special free spin round of Fortunium. This round gives you 10 free spins along with a chance to unlock some additional free spins as well. Additional scatters reward you with additional free spins, and when you get three, four or five scatters you unlock between one and three mystery reels throughout the spins. These reels act as wilds and essentially give you increased chances of scoring some prize wins as you play through one round after another.

Fortunium is a pretty simple slot game, even though it looks complicated. It’s clean, nice to look at and has a pretty unique theme to it. IF you want a futuristic slot game to try out, and you don’t need a huge number of features you’ll like what you get from Fortunium. Give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for you or not.