Peking Luck Slots

Peking Luck is a Chinese themed online slot game that's bright, colorful and filled with unique symbols. There are dragons, gongs, face masks, dancing girls, fans and more for you to see while you spin the reels. This slot game offers an impressive number of features as well, and we were impressed when putting together the review. Read on to find out what the game has to offer and why we recommend it.

Double Your Wins with the Dancer

The dancer symbol serves as the wild in Peking Luck and is one of the most important symbols that you want to be on the lookout for. She is animated and stands out nicely in every round that she appears on the reels. The dancer will double any prizes that she helps create while also creating a nice prize payout of her own.

Wagering Options

There are a total of 25 paylines in Peking Luck, and all of those lines must remain in play while you go through round after round of this slot game. The minimum wager that you can make per line is $0.01, which means that the least you can wager per spin of this slot if $0.25. The maximum you can wager per line is $0.50 per coin, but you can wager up to 10 coins per line. This gives you a maximum wager of $5.00 per line across 10 coins, or a maximum spin value of $125 per spin. That is some serious prize potential and it means that you can wager just about anything that you want while playing this slot game.

Huge Win Potential

It's possible to win as much as $50,000 on a single spin during the standard rounds of Peking Luck. Simply get five of the wild dancer symbols with the maximum wager in place and you'll be in for a massive prize payout.

Free Spin Scatters

The Free spins logo serves as the scatter for this slot game and can pay out all sorts if nice scatter wins. You can win up to $31,250.00 on a single spin with five scatters if you have the maximum wager in place. That doesn't even take into account the special free spin round that you'll unlock after you get the instant payout from the slot game.

Turbo Spin

If you're in a hurry to keep the reels turning as fast as possible, you'll love the Turbo Spin feature. This feature lets the reels turn around nearly instantly, so that you can get to the prize winning combinations faster. Simply hold down the spin button and the game will quickly skip through the animations and give you the results. It's a powerful feature that makes it possible to go through dozens of spins in no time at all.

Huge Free Spin Opportunity

Unlock the free spin round in Peking Luck and you could be looking at up to 38 free spins with a massive 18x multiplier. Of course, you'll unlock smaller free spin rounds most of the time, but it's easy to see how you could win very big from this special bonus round with enough luck on your side. Once you trigger the free spin bonus round you have to pick the free spins and multiplier that you will get from six options. Choose wisely for huge bonus potential.

Using Autoplay

Peking Luck features an autoplay feature that lets you go through between 10 and 100 spins automatically. You can set the spin speed, and set the game to turn off the auto rounds if you win a certain amount of cash. This feature makes it easy to go through many rounds quickly and conveniently.

Peking Luck is a cool looking slot game with a lot to offer. It comes packed with huge prize winning potential and leaves you with plenty of different wins to hope for as you spin the reels, which is exactly why we recommend it to everyone looking for a good new video slot game to play.