Triple Dragons Slots

Enjoy beautiful Asian-themed graphics and simple slot gameplay in Triple Dragons, a new popular online slot game. This game has just a small selection of symbols that will give you plenty of opportunities to win big as you spin the reels. You get a decent betting range to work with, limited paylines and a limited set of symbols to keep things plain and simple to understand so that you know exactly what you are doing each time that you play the slot. We did a complete review of the slot game down below, and were impressed with what we found out about the slot while testing it out.

Choose Your Wager Amount with Care

As soon as you begin playing Triple Dragons you need to choose the wager amount that you want to go with. You have a good selection of options that you can choose to go with, just make sure that you are choosing something that you’ll be comfortable with. Players that want to play over time with a minimal bankroll can wager as little as $0.01 per spin while high rollers are able to wager up to $50.00 per spin. You adjust your wager amount by choosing your line bet and the number of coins that you want to wager per line. Adjust those two settings and you can get all the different values available in Triple Dragons.

Solid Mid-Level Wins

Triple Dragons offers some decent winning opportunities to players, but won’t make you rich on a single spin. It’s possible to win as much as $3,000 from a single set of three dragon symbols if you are wagering the maximum amount when you get the symbols. Getting three of the next most valuable symbol is worth $2,000 and you can also win $1,000 on a single spin with the third most valuable symbol. Many wins that you get will be with help from the wilds symbols, or the special bonus round, and you should expect to get decent prize payouts frequently as you play through one round to the next in Triple Dragons.

Wild Re-spin Feature

If you manage to get dragon symbols that cover an entire reel vertically, they will instantly transform themselves into wilds and initiate a bonus feature that keeps the reels turning until you win a cash prize. The feature will keep re-spinning the reels until you win money, and any time that a dragon symbol lands on any of the reels it will transform itself into a wild during this special bonus feature. You can get some very exciting wins with help from this feature, but it can turn itself off with minor wins as well.

Adjust the Spin Speed

Choose from normal spin, quick spin and turbo spin to determine just how quickly the reels turn each time that you spin in Triple Dragons. This slot game gives you control over how quickly you go through rounds, so that you can easily play at the pace that you prefer. If you want to go through as many spins as possible, you can set it to Turbo. If you want to really take your time and enjoy every single spin, leave it on the normal settings and make the most of every wager that you place.

Advanced Autoplay

Triple Dragons comes complete with a powerful autoplay feature that makes it possible to play through tens or even 100 rounds without pressing the spin button at all. To utilize this feature you simply need to press the Autoplay button and then configure all of the settings for the feature. You choose the number of spins that you want to go through from a low of 10 to a high of 100. You also choose conditions to turn the game off to help make sure you win as much as possible. You have control over the speed of the game as well. This feature makes it possible to play more rounds without having to press the spin button yourself.

Triple Dragons looks simple on the surface, but it offers a lot of opportunities to win solid prize payouts. Give the slot game a try yourself and you’ll soon see that there is a lot to like about the game, you can enjoy a good theme, solid prizes and features that help keep things interesting as well.