ChilliPop Slots

Chillipop is a colorful online slot game that’s themed after Mexico. It’s made up of different colored peppers that are all designed into friendly cartoon characters. There’s also a donkey symbol for you to watch out for as you spin. These different symbols sit inside the reels over top of a vivid backdrop set in a quaint little dessert town with a bright blue sky and mountain ranges. It’s a beautiful slot game, but it’s not just the beauty of this slot that’s going to make you want to give it a try. It’s well-designed for its features as well, and we found ourselves enjoying every spin while testing this slot.


It’s easy to bet big or small thanks to a wide range of coin values possible in Chillipop. Players can adjust the value of coins from a low of just $0.01 to a high of $20.00 per coin. With such a wide range of values it’s simple to wager a very small amount of money, or to step up the wager amount into an impressive bet even for a high roller. All sorts of players can enjoy Chillipop, and that’s thanks to the good wager flexibility offered.

Cluster Wins

Chillipop offers massive cluster wins if you are fortunate enough to get enough wild symbols on the reels at the same time. Getting a 3x3 cluster of symbols on the reels will result in a massive 5,000 coin jackpot and it’s a nice win that will keep you excited about the slot game.

Play on Mobile with Ease

Chillipop is designed with HTML5, which means that it runs flawlessly on most devices that you could want to try it on. Whether you play on a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, the game should run almost the same. The only difference that you’ll experience when switching from one of these platforms to the next is a change in screen size. That means that you can continue playing Chillipop just the way you are used to doing even if you decide that you want to switch from one device to another. This slot’s high flexibility makes it more convenient and enjoyable to play.

High Volume Free Spins

Scatter symbols will lead to many different small prize payouts as you play this slot, but scatters can also lead to more exciting features as well. Getting three or more scatter symbols will trigger the free spin bonus round. During this round you get many different free spins that can lead to additional prize winnings without you having to pay for them. Three scatters gets you 12 free spins, four gets you 24 free spins and five scatter symbols leaves you with 36 free spins. Either way, you’ll have a lot of free spins to go through and some very real opportunities to win big prizes.

Gamble for Larger Wins

Make the most of every prize win that you get while playing Chillipop using the gamble feature. Any time that you get a winning prize payout you can gamble that prize to try and multiply your winnings. To trigger this special feature you press the “Gamble” button and then try and guess what the outcome of the flipped card is going to be. Guess right and you double your winnings. Guess wrong and you lose it all. It’s possible to do this more than once with a single win, allowing you to really improve the total prize money that you’ve won if you are lucky enough.

Chillipop is a beautiful and fun online slot game. It’s colorful, features endearing symbols and offers a few different prize opportunities that are worth taking note of. Whether you are a new gambler looking for a good solid slot game to start playing, or you are a seasoned pro looking for another favorite to add to your rotation, you’ll find something about this slot that you enjoy.