Icy Gems Slots

Icy Gems is an interesting online slot game because it has the look and feel of a classic slot game, but it offers many more features than your average classic slot. That means you have something more complicated and exciting, which is what prompted us to do a review of the game. We wanted to know everything that the game had to offer and to see what sort of gambling experience we would get with the game. We’re happy to report that the playthrough was quite enjoyable. Read through our review down below to learn for yourself just what this game has to offer, or just play through the game yourself now and decide if you enjoy it or not.

Standard Payline Setup

In this slot game you get 5 reels with 3 symbols and a standard 20 paylines just like a traditional slot game. There are many different ways for you to win each time that you spin, which means that you’ll trigger payouts regularly as you play this game. All of the different paylines are in play with every spin, which means that you’ll always have the maximum number of chances to win a good solid payout while you play this slot game.

Symbol Storage

The coolest feature of Icy Gems and the reason that this slot game stands out is the symbol storage feature. In this feature any winning symbols that you get are stored away and saved for later. Once you have three symbols stored up you will trigger a special bonus round where you will have an improved chance to unlock some substantial prize payouts. The feature triggers regularly and gives you something to look forward to as you play the slot game.

Symbol Storage Bonus Round

There are three different types of the symbol storage round depending on the symbols that get stored away. Get three different symbols and you’ll unlock the silver bonus round. Get two different symbols and you get the gold bonus round. Get a single symbol locked away three times and you’ll open up the Big Win Bonus round. During the silver round you’ll get a bonus that only contains the three symbols that you locked away and you’ll have a good chance at achieving some different prize combinations as you play. Get the silver round and the bonus will only have the two different symbols and you’ll be even more likely to trigger some good solid wins from the game. With the Big Win bonus round you only have that one symbol, and that’s where things really get interesting. You’ll have a great chance to win big and it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to bring in some serious money.

Simple But Appealing

Icy Gems is a simple looking online slot game, but it still has an appealing appearance that makes it desirable. Sure all the different symbols used are basic in design, but they are well drawn and help to give the game some depth. You’ll feel like you are playing a nice looking classic slot, but the game offers more features than most classic slots so you’ll have more to look forward to as you spin.

Big Payout Wins

It’s possible to win as much as 50,000 coins in a single spin while playing this slot game if you are fortunate enough. The big wins come from the Icy Gems symbol, but there are some other symbols that pay out well too. You can get up to 15,000 coins from five diamond symbols, 12,000 from five of the pink hexagons, 9,000 from five of the red gems and 7,500 from the green hexagons. There are many different high-paying symbols in this slot game which helps to keep things interesting with every spin that you complete as you play.

Icy Gems looks very basic, but it has more features hidden that you don’t realize immediately. Thanks to the symbol trapping mechanic you have some excellent chances to unlock good solid payouts. Even if you don’t make use of that feature all the different high paying symbols can make the game worthwhile to play and give you good chances of triggering solid payouts every time that you play.