Showdown Saloon Slots

Showdown Saloon puts you into an old-time saloon where confrontations are common and good old-fashioned showdowns between men happen regularly. We were taken in by all the old-time Western symbols that appear on the reels and the simple design of the symbols themselves, but it was really the cool features that sold us on this slot game. If you’re the type of gambler that really enjoys different features when you gamble online, you might enjoy what this slot has to offer you.

Adjustable Paylines

There are a total of 15 paylines in this slot game and they are fully adjustable. That means it’s up to you how many lines you wager over as you play this slot game. If you want the best chance of winning good prize payouts, you’ll want to wager on all 15 lines. To preserve your bankroll you can wager on just a single payline or a few paylines instead.

Mystery Stacks

Showdown Saloon has a very cool mystery stacks feature that replaces large stacks of symbols with the same symbol. Whenever this feature triggers you’ll take a bunch of random symbols and swap them out for a single symbol throughout that column. This feature triggers regularly and will give you pockets of symbols that help you to unlock more prize payouts. This feature works randomly and will leave you wondering where it’s gong to strike next, which is part of the fun of gambling on the game.

A Cool Free Spin Mechanic

Get the free spin symbols on the reels and you can trigger the special free spin bonus round for this slot game. During that special round you’ll have a special reel that spins to determine just how many free spins you get from this slot game. Spin through this single reel and hope for one of the better paying symbols for the best possible free spin bonus round. Once you spin the bonus reel you’ll start your free spins and can begin trying for the biggest wins possible from the slot game.

Moderate Payouts

You aren’t going to get rich from a single set of paying symbols in this slot game because the wins aren’t huge. That doesn’t mean that the game isn’t worth playing though. The biggest win you can get from a single spin is 750 times your line bet, but there are many different decent prize payouts and you will win regularly if you play for a bit. Wins are common, and chains of wins are simple to achieve as well.

Showdown Saloon is the perfect Western slot gambling experience. Bring all of the tension and excitement of an old-time showdown right to your computer or mobile screen and have fun wagering while trying to get some solid prize payouts.