Yak Yeti and Roll Slots

Head out onto the icy plains with Yak and Yeti as they make their way across the Arctic in this thrilling online slot game. Yak, Yeti and Roll is an inspired slot with beautiful graphics, a fun story and just enough features to keep the gameplay interesting with every spin that you complete.

Decent Wagering Limits

While Yak, Yeti and Roll isn’t designed to appeal to high rollers, it has a decent wagering range that most gamblers will be happy with and wagering is very simple. There are a total of 20 paylines for this slot game, and they all remain active with every spin that you make. Because of the paylines the minimum wager that you can make is $0.20 per spin. The maximum wager that you can make is $20.00 per spin. This isn’t a huge range, but it’s large enough to allow many players to gamble at a comfortable level.

Cascading Symbols

One of the features that we noticed first while making this slot review was the cascading symbols. When you create a winning combination on the reels, the symbols involved in that win vanish from the reels creating empty space that needs filling. The remaining symbols fall down into the open gaps and then new symbols fall down from the top to fill in any open space. This action creates added chances for more prize wins and can lead to some exciting prize chains. The cascade feature doesn’t just offer added chances for prize payouts during that round, it offers added prize opportunities in the future as well. Each time the feature activates, the wheels of the sled gain added traction. This enables it to move forward and uncover special prize payouts. It can also lead to multipliers that build up and pay out each time the next cascade is triggered. The cascade bonuses are positioned along the bottom of the slot, letting you see exactly what you can expect in rewards as you play.

Powerful Free Spins

If you are fortunate enough to unlock free spins in this slot game you’ll enjoy enhanced multipliers and more chances to move the Cascade Trail feature along as well. During free spins you’ll enjoy more wilds and more special symbols, and you’ll notice that you get more wins as you play.

Double Up Your Wins

After winning some money with this slot game you can try and double those winnings with the Double Up feature. Select it and choose Heads or Tails to try and double your profits instantly. You can also choose to only wager 50% of the money for a smaller profit while protecting some of your winnings. If you guess wrong you will lose all your money, so take care when using this feature.

Activating Turbo Play

Yak, Yeti and Roll features a Turbo play feature that dramatically speeds up the spinning animation as you play. If you want to go through more spins in less time you’ll want to activate this feature as soon as possible. Select the settings button and check the Turbo Play button. Do that and the game will begin going through spins much more quickly from then on.

Playing with Autoplay Turned on

If you’re getting tired of pressing the spin button, you can switch to autoplay to streamline Yak, Yeti and Roll. To do this press the small button next to the spin button. It will bring up a menu where you adjust your wager amount, the total number of spins and your stop conditions. Get all of that in position and the slot game will start playing on its own through the total number of spins that you set up until you run out of money, you go through all the spins or you trigger one of the stop conditions.

Buy Free Spins Feature

One very unique feature of this slot game that we noticed is that you can purchase bonus features using your balance. By paying out money, you can purchase the special free spin rounds with a good solid multiplier. The goal of purchasing these special rounds is to make more money from them than you spent to purchase the bonus initially. It is difficult to make more than the feature costs, but with some luck it’s certainly possible.

Yak, Yeti and Roll adds in a bunch of cool features that you don’t see on most other slot games today. The exciting features along with the charming characters and beautiful graphics makes the slot game into a must-try activity. Take a look at the game and get more familiar with what it has to offer and you’re bound to find something that appeals to you about it.