King Winalot Slots

Bold, bright and beautiful, King Winalot is a modern-day royal slot game that celebrates the fun of gambling while really playing up the theme of the game. You’ll see jesters, a princess, a prince, the king himself and all the card symbols that you’re probably so familiar with by now while playing this slot game. The slot has good music, decent prize payouts and plenty of cool features that make it a pleasure to play.

Set Line and Coin Amounts when Wagering

There are quite a few different settings for you to make use of to adjust your wagering value. You can adjust the value of your coins from low to high levels to increase the value of your wager, but you can also adjust how many coins you place on each of your paylines to change the value of your wager. By changing these two values you can dramatically increase or decrease your wager amount and come away with a wide range of wagers depending on what amount you are comfortable betting with.

Stacked Wilds

The special king symbol is the wild in this game and is also stacked. When you spin the reels there is a chance that you’ll get the entire stacked wild on the reels of a single payline, giving you three active wilds to play off of. It’s also possible to get multiple reels of stacked wilds if you are really lucky. Get a couple reels filled with stacked wilds and you’ll have a chance to unlock some very nice payouts from the slot game.

Free Spin Bonus Round

Getting three or more of the prince scatter symbols will trigger the special free spin bonus round. During this round you’ll enjoy a better chance of winning high-paying prizes and some excellent paying opportunities. If you’re looking to get as much cash from this slot as possible (who isn’t) then you’ll really want this bonus round to trigger because it’s one of the best paying features of the slot.

Pick Your Prize

Get three or more of the key and lock special symbols in King Winalot and you’ll unlock a special treasure select round. In this round you get to pick from the many different treasure chests to try and win as much as possible. Most of the time you’ll unlock free spins and occasionally some coins as well. After you get done picking from the many different chests the game will move on to the free spin bonus round where you will have a chance to get some big wins.

King Winalot takes an old slot theme and makes it modern with cool graphics and a whole lot of personality. It’s an appealing game that’s a lot of fun to play, and it packs in enough feature sto help you win big as well. This slot isn’t for everyone though. You have to be patient enough to wait for the big payouts while playing to really make the most from the game. If you aren’t patient enough you could grow bored in between major payouts from this slot game.