Crystal Rift Slots

We were immediately taken in by the beautiful graphics offered by Crystal Rift, the online slot game that focuses on blasting crystal out of rock. We decided that we were going to do a full review of the slot game after looking at it for a few minutes, and we were impressed with what we saw during that review process. If you would like to learn more about the slot game, take a look at the different features and prize payouts listed down below in our writeup from the review.

Cool Cascading Symbols

Instead of simply turning into position, the symbols in Crystal Rift fall down into their spaces to give the game a more exciting appearance and to help really draw you in as you play through the rounds. We were impressed by the look of the different symbols dropping into position, and we were even more impressed to see that new symbols take the place of the old if you manage to get wins during that round. The new symbols can trigger additional wins and help you keep going through one combination of symbols after the next during your round. It’s not uncommon to get multiple wins on the same round because your new symbols take up winning positions where te old symbols once were.

Bold Animations and Sounds

Whether you get a small win or a large win while playing Crystal Rift you’re going to know about it. That’s because this slot game shows off a range of brilliant graphics and sounds. Explosions appear on the reels accompanied by bright flashes of light. The slot has upbeat music and keeps things lively and exciting the entire time that you play. Give the slot a try and you’ll be drawn in almost immediately because of the clever design and attention to detail with the sounds and graphics.

The Wild Grid Feature

If you manage to get three or more line wins in a row, the slot game will trap all enclosed symbols and transform them into wilds for some serious prize opportunities. You can lock the symbols into position and really go after some exceptional prize payouts with this feature if you are fortunate enough to trigger it. The wild grid feature occurs regularly and will help you get more chain wins as you play this slot game.

Grid Pattern Wins

Many slot games are split up into reels or paylines, but Crystal Rift is designed to function as a grid. That means that wins come from grid patterns rather than by filling paylines. There are different grid patterns that you’ll want to learn, and some offer better payouts than others. There are four different pattern types and each offers a different level of payout. Get familiar with these patterns and you’ll know when you’re going to get a god prize and when you’ll get a small one. This is the coolest feature of Crystal Rift and one of the things that made us enjoy this slot game.

Crystal Rift is a unique online slot game with a decent theme. It wasn’t the theme of the game itself that made us enjoy our experience with the slot, but the features and the unique setup of the game. We loved the grid patterns and the different payout structures offered by the slot. We found ourselves wanting to test the slot game out again after the testing period and it was more exciting than many other slot games that we tested out.