Lucha Legends Slots

Mexican wrestling is known for its colorful costumes, exciting characters and cool moves and Lucha Legends celebrates all of those things in slot form. This slot game features five of the biggest Mexican wrestlers, including Sal, Pepe, Burro, Martio and El Diablo. These characters show up all over the reels and lead to some of the best prize payouts as you play. You’ll be watching for the Luchadors with every spin that you complete.

Two Ways to Play

Lucha Legends offers players two different ways to play. They can either experience the standard spin mode, or power up the game with Power Up Mode for even greater prize experiences. The normal mode offers more frequent but smaller prizes, while Power Up Mode offers more exciting prize payouts and makes it possible to unlock the biggest possible wins with every spin. During Power Up Mode you’ll get a 2x multiplier on every single win that you get. The special Super Wild bonus also gets a power up and can pay out up to 5x the standard prize with enough luck. Choose the way that you want to play initially and enjoy the different features of Lucha Legends, or switch between modes whenever you like to make the game even more versatile.

Super Wild

Unlock the biggest payouts in Lucha Legends with powerful super wilds. These special symbols randomly take the position of standard wilds, but they come with more potent multipliers for the biggest prize opportunities. During the normal game super wilds come with a 2x or 3x multiplier. During Power Up Mode the wilds come with multipliers of 3x or 5x instead for the biggest wins.

Lucha Free Spins

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols will lead you to the special free spin bonus round. During this round you’ll enjoy 10 free spins where you can win even more cash without spending any of your own money in the process. This was one of our favorite bonuses and helped to keep this slot game interesting.

Cross Platform Support

Lucha Legends isn’t a slot that you can only play on your computer. It’s designed to function on mobile devices as well. That means you can take the slot with you wherever you go for gambling fun on the go. If you’re a true fan of this slot you’ll love having access to it whenever you want to play. The platform compatibility was one of our favorite features when putting together the review for this game.

We were truly impressed with Lucha Legends when reviewing it. It pays out good sized prizes and offers many opportunities for serious combination wins. The slot game features some very colorful characters and is full of life with every spin. This lively slot game is a lot of fun and is definitely something that you’ll want to try out at least once.