Dragon Kings Slots

Dragon Kings is a top-tier online slot game that’s built around the theme of dragons. There are five different dragons in this slot game and tons of special features and high paying prizes for you to unlock. From the moment you begin playing the slot game you’ll have a lot to look forward to, which is why we did a full review that covers all the features of this popular slot game.

Betting is Simple

There are a total of 10 paylines in Dragon Kings and they are fixed. That means you must wager on 10 lines each time that you spin the reels. The wager amount can be adjusted by changing your line bet for each spin. That’s the only control you have over how much you wager though. Turn the line bet up or down to get the optimal wager. Line bets can be as low as $0.01 and as high as $1.00. That means you can wager between $0.10 and $10.00. Choose carefully and start playing the slot game. Most high rollers won’t be happy with a maximum wager of $10.00 though and will want to look for a different slot game instead.

The Dragon King Multiplier

The dragon king symbol is another tool that you’ll want to make use of as often as you can while you play the slot game. This wild symbol only shows on the central reel, and it expands to cover the full reel as you play. This wild will double any prizes that it helps create, and it can show up at any time. This symbol not only expands to cover the reel, but it also helps trigger a bunch of bonus features if you are lucky enough to get it with some other powerful symbols.

Win Big With the Dragons

Any and every dragon is wild in this slot game. That means that you can win the biggest and most frequent prize payouts with help from the Dragons. It’s possible to win up to 2,000 coins from dragons if you get all five dragons across a single line. Even if you don’t manage to get all the dragons on a single reel, you can unlock all sorts of special bonuses with help from these dragons. Some give re-spins, others give multipliers, others give additional wilds and some pay out random instant cash prizes. With help from these dragons you can unlock some impressive prize wins and you’ll never know quite what to expect as you go through the rounds of this slot because of all their different benefits.

Free Spin Bonus

There is a special free spin bonus round that you can unlock with help of the dragon pearl symbols. Get three or more of these babies and you’ll unlock the free spin bonus round. Three gives you 6 free spins, four gives you 10 free spins and five gives you 15 free spins. If you get three or more and you get a magical dragon pearl on the sixth reel, you will double your free spin count unlocking up to 30 free spins in all for more winning opportunities.

Double Your Wins

There is a special Double Up button on this slot game that makes it quick and easy to try and double any wins that you get while playing. If you get a win, the button becomes available to click. Select the button and you can very easily wager for a chance to multiply your winnings. Guess right and you’ll double your winnings and you have the chance to cash out or keep going for even bigger wins. Guess wrong and you lose all your winnings. This special feature is simple to use and is helpful if you want to win as much as possible, but be careful while using it. During the feature you choose heads or tails and hope that you are correct.

Four Potential Jackpots

There are four different jackpot payouts available in Dragon King that you can unlock with enough luck on your side. These jackpots are the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each one of them is unlocked with a certain combination of symbols as you spin the reels. Each of them relies on the Dragon King symbol, but to unlock the jackpots you must get dragons and magical pearls of a certain amount. It ranges from a single dragon and pearl, up to all four dragons with a magical pearl. Getting the right combination of symbols can result in payouts worth hundreds up through tens of thousands of dollars depending on the symbols that you get.

We really enjoyed Dragon Kings because of all the different bonus features and special symbols that there are. It was a bit complicated figuring out how to work all the different symbols and what sort of prizes to expect, but the features made the game exciting and fun and worth playing.