5 Lions Gold Slots

5 Lion's Gold is one of the newest offerings from Pragmatic Play. It's a traditional looking online slot with an Oriental theme. The game stands out in terms of its quality and its feature set, and those are the two reasons we decided to give it a full test playthrough and a corresponding review as well. If you would like to learn more about this slot game and all it has to offer, read through our complete review down below.

5 Lions Gold Game Developer

This slot is made by Pragmatic Play, a modern slot developer that's known for producing cutting-edge slot games. In terms of design the develrop did a nice job making this slot stand out. The slot has a clean look with just the right amount of flare, and Pragmatic Play offers rock-solid support that should help players have confidence in the ability for this slot game to perform as it needs to time and time again.

Try with Demo Mode

You can test out this slot game using the demo feature if you don't want to play with real money immediately. Simply click on the slot game and choose Demo Mode to test it. The game will open as it normally would, but you'll have a play money balance to test it with. Play through many rounds of the slot to get used ot the different features that it has to offer, and once you know the game well you can decide if you want to go ahead and play with real money or not.

An Oriental Theme

This slot has a distinct Oriental theme with beautifully drawn golden symbols depicting different well-known Chinese animals. The slot looks luxurious and a bit glitzy and it's those aspects that make it so attractive. If you're interested in playing a beautiful slot game, you'll come to appreciate all that 5 Lions Gold has to offer.

Basic Game Design Features

5 Lions Gold is a pretty simple slot game on the surface. It has five reels and offers pretty standard prize payouts. The three progressive jackpot payouts and the clustered-style pay configuration helps to keep things interesting though. The game is nice to look at, but very simple as well, which many gamblers will actually enjoy about it.

A Progressive Jackpot Video Slot

This video slot game has three different progressive jackpots that you can unlock if you're lucky enough. While the jackpot payouts aren't massive, it is possible to get thousands of dollars in prize money if you unlock the Grand jackpot.

No Paylines

There are no paylines in this slot game, but there are a total of 243 different ways to win with every spin that you make. That means you have a decent shot at winning prize payouts, and those payouts are all tied with cluster combinations instead of traditional paylines. This helps to keep things simple and makes it easier to wager as well.

Decent Wagering Options

There are no paylines in 5 Lion's Gold, but there is still a decent range of wagering options for gamblers to work with. When you play this slot game you can wager a low of $0.18 and a high of $90.00 per spin. That's a good range of options to work with and it's enough to meet the needs of most gamblers as well.

Exploring the Paytable

Winning Big in the Bonus Round

There's a random feature known as the Caishen random award that can sometimes trigger a jackpot bonus round. In this special round you flip golden coins to try and save up three of the same symbol to trigger the corresponding jackpot prize. While it's difficult to win this special bonus round, if you are fortunate enough you will win the jackpot as well. It's possible to win some massive prize payouts with this special feature.

Unlocking the Free Spin Bonus

If you are fortunate enough to unlock the free spin bonus round of this slot game, you can unlock exciting win and multiplier combinations. You'll get the option to choose between seven different free spin and multiplier combinations. Choose between 6 and 24 free spins and you'll enjoy a wide range of prize multipliers from a low of 2x up to a maximum of 40x giving you the potential for some very exciting prize payouts.

An Excellent RTP

Players will enjoy an RTP of 96.52% when playing the 5 Lions Gold slot game. That means they can get most of their money back from the wagers they make in this slot game, which results in pretty impressive prize payouts.

Our 5 Lions Gold Game Rating

Overall we give 5 Lions Gold a 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. The game is exciting and it's nice to look at. It lacks some of the high-paying fixed prize payouts that we've come to expect from slot games though. If you enjoy bonus rounds and jackpot prizes you'll have a lot to like about this slot, but it certainly isn't for everyone.

Celebrating the Major Winners

There are some major prize winners in this slot game. The grand prize offers gamblers several thousand in prize money, and it's possible to get even more than that through the fixed jackpots built into this slot. Bet big and you could walk away with huge prize-paying combinations that are easy to get excited about.

Play for Fun

There's no reason to play with real money if you aren't sure about this slot game just yet. You are free to try it out for free in the demo mode. To do this you simply need to avisit a casino that offers 5 Lions Gold and click on the slot game. It will give you an option to open the game in demo mode. Do this and start up the game to give it a try. You will quickly learn whether or not you enjoy the slot game in this testing mode, then you can move on to playing the slot game for real money.

Play for Real

If you would like to play this slot game for real money, you only need to join a casino that offers games from Pragmatic Play and then fund your account. Once funded you can load up the slot game and experience all its features using real money. That means if you get a big win while playing the slot, you get to reap the benefits of that win. You could unlock one of the exciting progressive jackpot payouts and walk away with a major win with a bit of luck.

Play on Mobile

5 Lions Gold is a modern slot game that's been designed to play smoothly on mobile devices. That means if you want to enjoy the slot game while on the go, you can easily do that anytime you want. You can load up the slot game wherever you are and it will run just as smoothly as it did on your home computer.

There's a lot to love about 5 Lions Gold, but it's not the perfect slot game for all gamblers. It has a traditional look to it with a modern set of features. The symbols look nice and there are enough bonuses and specials to keep you looking forward to all the different features and prizes that you can unlock along the way. Still, we couldn't help but be a bit underwhelmed by some of the payouts offered by the slot game and that kept us from loving it.